Remotasks Review 2024: Is Remotasks Legit or a Scam? (Don’t Miss)

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I’m going to give you all the tips and tricks, reveal how much you can expect to earn, and provide other important details to help you make the most out of this micro-tasking website.

Remotasks Guide

Let’s dive right in:

Is Remotasks Legit?

Yes, Remotasks is a legit platform where you can earn money by completing various tasks such as categorizing objects, image annotation, transcription, and data collection.

There is no minimum payout threshold, and you can cash out any amount of earnings directly into your PayPal account.

However, don’t expect to earn enough to replace your job as the pay rate ranges from $1 to $5 per hour, and you need to put in a lot of effort and focus to earn that money.

On average, a user can earn $50 to $100 per month by working on Remotasks.

You may agree with me on this:

One of the biggest drawbacks of Remotasks is its low pay rate. Many users have had this same complaint regarding low pay rates.

But, Remotasks pays higher than many other GPT sites, and many people have switched to Remotasks for this reason.

Despite the low pay rate, Remotasks is still a legit micro-tasking site where you can earn money doing micro-tasks in 2023.

Now, this is interesting:

According to Remotasks, the company has a total of 240k members from 90+ countries, and they have paid a total of $15 million to their members.

Here are some positive and negative Remotasks reviews:

Positive Reviews

Positive Remotasks Reviews

Negative Reviews

Negative Remotasks Reviews


Name Remotasks
Platform Website
Devices Any device with an Internet connection
Available Worldwide
How to earn Completing micro-tasks such as categorizing objects, image annotation, transcription, and data collection
Welcome Bonus? None
Earnings $1 to $5 per hour
Payout Options PayPal
Minimum Payout No minimum payout threshold
Payout Fee None
Is Remotasks Legit? Yes, Remotasks is a legit micro-tasking site with over 240k members from 90+ countries. The company has paid a total of $15 million to its members since its founding in 2017. However, the pay rate is low and you should not expect to earn enough to replace your job.

What is Remotasks?

Remotasks is a micro-tasking site that allows users to earn money doing tasks such as categorization, transcription, annotation, and so on.

Basically, Remotasks helps small startups and large public companies to build and train smarter AI by providing related tasks to its members.

Remotasks Review

Remotasks was founded in 2017 and the company is owned by Smart Ecosystem Inc which is located at 398 11th Street San Francisco, California.

Getting Started

Creating an account on Remotasks is really easy as it provides quick social signup using Google and Facebook.

Visit this link and agree to Remotaks’s terms and then choose ‘Continue with Facebook’ or ‘Continue with Google’ to create your account.

Getting Started on Remotasks

Once you create your account, you have to complete setting up your profile on the platform by entering basic details like:

  • How many hours you can work per week?
  • What language projects do you want to work on?
  • Your location
  • Device details
  • Internet speed and so on.

After completing this step, you will be asked to take a quick course on Remotasks Introduction.

Then you have to complete a quick course on best security practices on Remotasks which is actually helpful.

You will learn how to avoid getting hacked or staying away from phishing and spammy links.

As soon as you complete the course, you will receive a quiz that will test the things you’ve learned on the course.

Once you complete the test successfully, then you are all ready to start working on the site.

Remotasks Tiers Program

Remotasks has recently introduced a loyalty program called Remotasks Tiers program to reward and recognize top taskers on the platform.

You can access the tier program and check your tier status by clicking on the “Remotasks Tier” link on the header as shown in the screenshot below:

Remotasks Tier Program

Different Tiers

Remotasks offers three different tiers, each with its own unique benefits and rewards.

The details of each tier and its benefits are provided below:

  1. Standard Tier: This is the lowest tier and with this tier, the review time will be normal. You can receive ticket support via Zendesk. Unfortunately, there are no additional bonuses or benefits at this tier.
  2. Preferred Tier: This entry-level tier offers users Empty Queue Support, Ticket Prioritization, and faster task review time than normal.
  3. Elite Tier: This top tier is for the best taskers and comes with all the benefits of the Preferred Tier, plus ticker prioritization, faster task review time than the Preferred Tier, team lead support, task preference, prepayments, and weekly bonuses.

The Remotasks tier program is an excellent concept that rewards hard workers on the platform.

The Elite Tier provides faster review time than all the other tiers, which helps users earn more money.

But the question is:

How do I get promoted to the Preferred or Elite Tiers faster?

To get promoted faster, you must earn more Remopoints within a certain period. Remopoints are earned by completing weekly XP goals.

Users can earn XP or experience points by completing different tasks on Remotasks.

To move from the Standard Tier to the Preferred Tier, you need to earn four Remopoints.

Standard tier users can earn one Remopoint by reaching 3,500 XP in one week.

Therefore, to reach the Preferred Tier, you need to earn 14,000 XP.

Things get better:

Once you reach the Preferred Tier, you can earn one Remopoint by earning 3,500 XP in a week.

If you manage to reach 10,000 XP in the same week, you will earn an additional three Remopoints.

You will need 20 Remopoints to reach the Elite Tier.

As a Preferred or Elite Tier user, you can earn at least four Remopoints in a week.

Once you reach the Elite Tier, you will receive additional benefits, along with weekly bonus payments.

Remotasks Requirements

To work on Remotasks, you have to meet some basic requirements which are listed below:

  • All the users must be 19 years or older.
  • You must at least work 20 hours per week from your home.
  • Users must have a computer with at least 4GB RAM and a GPU (optional).
  • Fast internet connection with a speed of at least 3 to 5 MBPS.

Remotasks Requirements

Users can work on their smartphones for tasks like language and 2D.

However, 3D tasks which pay higher will require a device with decent specs and a stable internet connection.

Remotasks Alternatives

Here are some of the remotasks alternatives, that you might wanna check:

How to Earn Money on Remotasks?

Remotasks allows you to earn money by performing various tasks on the platform, such as drawing boxes around different objects, categorizing t-shirts, collecting data, and transcribing audio files.

To qualify for the tasks, users must complete a 5-10 minute course at the training center.

The free course teaches you how to complete the tasks correctly.

After completing each course, you must answer a short quiz to test your knowledge.

If you pass the test, you will unlock paid tasks on the platform.

The payment for each task varies according to the difficulty and time required to complete the task.

Moreover, the pay rate depends on the accuracy of task completion.

Completing tasks with 100% accuracy will result in full earnings for that particular task, while completing tasks with lower accuracy means fewer earnings.

Therefore, it’s important to work carefully if you want to earn more money on the platform.

More Ways to Earn Money on Remotasks

Apart from doing tasks, there are other ways to earn money on Remotasks.

And many people are not aware of these earning opportunities, so let me discuss each of them in detail:

1) Referral

Remotasks offers a referral program that allows users to earn money by referring other users to the platform.

To participate, users need to copy their unique referral link and share it with friends and family.

When a new user signs up for an account through the link and earns $10 on Remotasks within the first two weeks, both the referrer and the new user receive $5.

It’s important to note that simply referring new users to the platform does not pay a referral bonus; the new members must earn $10 within 14 days of signing up for both the referrer and the new user to receive the bonus.

2) Become a Reviewer

If you have enough experience working on Remotasks along with high accuracy of at least 90%, then you are eligible to become a Task Reviewer.

The sole job of a Task Reviewer is to check the submitted tasks by members and ensure there are no errors.

So, if you enjoy reviewing tasks rather than doing them, then you might find this opportunity more interesting.

What’s more?

You will also get paid more doing Tasks Reviews as it requires experience and a set of eagle eyes to detect errors on the completed tasks.

3) Training Courses

Users must complete courses to get paid tasks unlocked, and many users might find it difficult and boring to complete the courses.

And maybe to motivate users to take courses, Remotasks pays you some money to complete the courses.

However, the earnings for completing the course can be as low as $0.03.

How much Money can you Earn on Remotasks?

The amount of money you can earn on Remotasks depends upon a number of factors like your location, the accuracy of the tasks, and your experience.

Some higher-paying tasks are only available in certain countries only which will affect your earning potential on the site.

Similarly, you will also be paid according to the accuracy of the task completion.

The more accurately you complete a certain task, the more you will be able to earn.

You might be surprised:

3D tasks pay much higher than tasks like Language and 2D and you might wanna do more 3D tasks if you want to earn more.


These higher-paying tasks require you to put in more time and effort to complete the tasks.

Keeping these factors in mind, you can earn an average of $1 to $5 per hour or $100 per month completing tasks on Remotasks.

If you are interested to earn money doing paid surveys online then check out my honest Zoombucks Review.

Remotasks Payout Options

Remotasks allows its members to withdraw their earnings through PayPal and AirTM.

There is no minimum payout threshold and you can cash out your earnings even in pennies.

Payments are made every week on Thursday.

If you withdraw your earnings to your PayPal account then you will have to pay a 2% processing fee to PayPal.

Remotasks Review

Remotasks is undoubtedly a legitimate micro-tasking website that has consistently paid its users since its inception in 2017.

There is no payout threshold, which is a huge plus point for joining this site. Users can withdraw any amount of earnings directly to their PayPal account.

However, there have been many complaints regarding Remotasks banning people without paying its users.

One of the reasons for this might be users not completing tasks with a considerable amount of accuracy.

If you keep completing tasks with less accuracy, Remotasks might ban your account.

I recommend Remotasks only to users who are tired of wasting hours on GPT sites that pay in pennies.

The pay rate on Remotasks is a lot higher than those on GPT sites.

If you have a good amount of spare time that you want to use to earn an extra $50 to $100 per month, then Remotasks might be a suitable platform for you.

Pros & cons of Remotasks

To help you make a decision on whether to Join Remotask and Start Working on it or not, let me give you some good and bad aspects of Remotasks:


  • No Payment Threshold: Most surveys and GPT sites has a payout threshold that users can’t reach easily. But Remotasks allows you to cash out any amount of earnings easily which is a huge advantage.
  • Weekly Payout: You can withdraw your earnings on a weekly basis, so it’s another huge plus point.
  • Friendly Support System: Remotasks has a responsive support system and you can contact them easily.
  • Nice Community: Remotasks has a good community of users on Discord as well as Slack.


  • Accuracy: Remotasks pay based on the accuracy of the completed tasks and lower accuracy results in a lower pay rate and it can also result in account termination.
  • Limited payout options: Remotasks offers just two payout options which are PayPal and AirTM. This can prevent some users from withdrawing their earnings.
  • Complicated tasks: Simple tasks pay a really low rate whereas tasks paying a good amount sometimes become really complicated.
  • Tasks Reviews take longer: You have to wait till your completed tasks are reviewed and then only you will get paid.
  • No App:  Many people love working on side hustles like Remotaks on the go. But Remotasks doesn’t have an app and the website does not have a good UI on the mobile version.


If you are looking for a micro tasks website to make some side income then Remotaks can be a suitable platform for you.

Having said that you cannot rely completely on Remotasks as many users have complained about their accounts getting banned.

It is also important to note that Remotasks cannot replace your Job and you have to take it as a side hustle.

But overall, it’s a legit site, and you can earn money working on Remotasks if you follow the rules and complete the tasks with accuracy.

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