Surveoo Review 2024: Is Surveoo Legit or a Scam? (Don’t Miss)

Are you trying to make money online by answering surveys? If you do, you must have heard about Surveoo.

Surveoo claims that you can easily make money out of their platform.

But, Does Surveoo really pay?

If you want to find the answer to this question, you’re in the right place.

In this blog, you’ll find a detailed Surveoo review and its legibility.

I believe it’ll help you make the decision as to whether to register on this platform or not.

What is Surveoo?

Surveoo is an online market research company that claims to pay its customers for answering surveys online.

According to Surveoo’s website, users can earn as high as €8 per survey.

But is that really true? We’ll discuss that later in this review.


You can complete these surveys from anywhere and at any time you want. It has an easy-to-navigate dashboard.

Surveoo is a popular website as it receives 5 million views per month according to Similarweb and the platform is available in more than 100 countries, making it a global platform.

Is Surveoo Legit or a Scam?

If you’re skeptical regarding its legitimacy, there’s good news. Surveoo is absolutely a trustworthy platform that will not scam you in any way.

It’s a great way to make money online and I recommend you to Join Surveoo.

You will receive exactly the amount that was promised to you before you start your survey.

Once you receive a certain amount in Surveoo’s wallet, you can cash it out easily using different payment methods.

Surveoo only partners with the most reliable and prestigious brands. So, every survey you take will have quality questions without any inappropriate sections.

But, you may face some issues once in a while in the dashboard or regarding not-so-good customer service.

Does Surveoo Provide User Privacy?

Surveoo makes sure to keep all your private information safe. Only the answers you provide in the survey will be sent to the respective company.

The information in your profile will not be sent to any third-party companies.

Surveoo User Privacy

You don’t have to worry about your private data security as they have stringent privacy policies to avoid unauthorized data access.

Also, they’ve implemented a robust security measure to keep all of their users’ information secure.

This is why, millions of users are confident in sharing their information with Surveoo.

What Are The Ways to Make Money From Surveoo?

Surveoo allows you to make money online in three different ways. Let’s take a detailed look at each approach.

1. Answering Surveys

The main way to make money out of Surveoo is obviously from online surveys that you’ll see in the dashboard. These surveys will be shown to you based on your demography, such as age, gender, and location.

This platform provides transparency regarding the surveys by showing you the exact amount and time taken. However, you can’t simply hope to make money with each survey shown on the dashboard.

Before you can answer the questions, you have to pass the qualifying test. The brands who’re taking these surveys need to know whether you are their target audience or not.

If you don’t pass the qualifying test, you can simply move on to the next one.

Also, Surveoo doesn’t take surveys on its own. You need to answer the questions from the brand’s website so don’t panic when you get redirected to a third-party site.

2. Sponsorships

Another way to make money out of Surveoo is to benefit from the membership or sponsorship program. In this scheme, you can invite your friend or any other individual to become a user of this platform.

If they decide to sign up for Surveoo and earn using surveys, you’ll receive a 10% commission for every reward they earn. And the best part is, the commission keeps on coming for a lifetime.

Surveoo Sponsorships

Surveoo will give you a link to share with your peers. They will track the number of new users that came to the website using this link.

The more users you bring, the more you can earn. Surveoo recommends you spread the word either by word-of-mouth, writing blogs, or sharing it on social media.

3. Bonuses

Surveoo wants to reward all of its users. Thus, they have a bonus system where you can make additional income by doing simple tasks.

Bonuses on Surveoo

When you access your dashboard, you get to see the list of bonus tasks with their reward amount. Some of them remain blurred and you need to unlock them by completing other tasks after reaching a certain milestone.

The bonus amount is minute compared to the large rewards you get by completing the surveys. However, these tasks do not require much effort and take a short time.

How Much Can You Earn From Surveoo?

Although Surveoo claims that you can earn up to 8€ per survey, it’s too rare to stumble upon a brand that pays so well. In most cases, you can make around $1 or slightly more by completing each survey.

You can increase your earning significantly by completing multiple tasks per day. So, if you’re consistent in this platform and answer each survey seriously, you can make up to 300€ per month.

Make Money on Surveoo

However, the potential to earn doesn’t depend merely on your effort and time. As mentioned before, you will get to see only those surveys that match your demography.

Also, the qualifying test will filter out the most appropriate audience for the survey. So, your location, age, or other factors can significantly impact your earning on this platform.

What Are The Ways to Receive The Payment?

After every survey you complete, they transfer the reward to your Surveoo account. From there, you can withdraw the cash after it hits the minimum payout amount, $21.

Cashout Methods on Surveoo

There are three ways you can withdraw the amount: PayPal, bank transfer, and Amazon gift card. You don’t need to pay an additional charge to transfer the money from your Surveoo account.

It’s an easy process and you don’t have to wait for many days to receive the money. The transaction time only takes up to 48 hours.

Who Can Join Surveoo?

Surveoo is an international platform that allows users to sign up from different parts of the world. However, they have certain requirements that you need to fulfill in order to register on their platform.

For instance, if you’re below a certain age limit, you cannot take part in the surveys. Also, if you reside in certain countries that Surveoo doesn’t support, it may not be suitable for you.

To find out whether the platform supports your country or not, you need to check the signup form.

Select Country on Surveoo

When you click on the drop-down menu under the Country heading, you can see a list of many options. Please search the country where you’re residing. If you can’t find your country’s name, then Surveoo doesn’t support that country.

In the next section, you’ll learn how to access the drop-down menu shown in the screenshot above.

How to Get Started With Surveoo?

Now that you’ve learned the requirements, ways to make money, and other important aspects of Surveo, it’s time to start the signup process. You can follow these steps to access your dashboard:

Step 1: Visit the URL and scroll down a bit. You’ll see a signup box as shown in the screenshot below. Please click on the amount that you’d like to make per day.

Surveoo Signup

Step 2: You’ll need to fill up a form with your personal details. Please provide correct answers and also don’t forget to check your country as mentioned above.

Enter your Details

Click on Continue after entering your personal details.

Step 3: You’ll see a dialogue box with the link to the privacy policy and general terms. These documents have detailed information regarding the usage of Surveoo. Please read them and click on Agree.

Steps to Sign up on Surveoo

Step 4: Now you can access your dashboard. Here, you need to provide your address and click on Send.

Steps to Sign up on Surveoo

Congrats! You’ve successfully created an account in Surveoo.

Let’s take a tour of the dashboard after signing up. If you scroll down, you’ll find the gains section. After completing the surveys, you’ll be able to view your earnings in this section.

User Dashboard

On the left-hand side, you can access the menu bar. Here, you can navigate to different pages within the dashboard, such as paid surveys, bonuses, history, membership, etc.

User Dashboard


In order to start a survey, you can click on the ‘Access to paid surveys’ dialogue box available on the first page.

Access paid Surveys on Surveoo

You can also view how much money the top earners are making from your dashboard. If you click on the ‘Latest Winners’ section, Surveoo displays candidates’ names and nationalities who have earned the highest rewards.

Tips to Get the Most Out of Surveoo

Surveoo is a great platform to earn decent money if you match the requirement and are eager to give your 100%. The platform has suggested a few ways to maximize your earnings while performing surveys.

When you try to access the paid servers in the dashboard, it’ll display a notice as shown in the screenshot below.

They’ve mentioned that you need to take the survey answers seriously. The answers should be honest and sincere. If found fake, you’ll not receive high-paying opportunities in the future.

Also, I suggest you read these tips that’ll come in handy when starting with Surveoo:

#1 Complete all Available Surveys

If your dashboard displays a lot of surveys then it means you have the opportunity to maximize your earning. Don’t let this slip away. Try to complete as many as you can.

#2 Do not use VPN

Surveoo won’t appreciate it if you provide a fake location using VPN. Their team can suspend, or even delete, your account if you try to manipulate your answer using such methods.

#3 Stay updated with the new surveys

If you stay active in the dashboard, you’ll know when a new survey has appeared. This way, you won’t miss the chance of getting higher rewards in the future.

#4 Share it with your peers worldwide

Using the membership option, you can share the survey link with your friends and family anywhere in the world.

In some surveys, you cannot take a particular survey because of your location. But, you can still earn a commission by referring it to someone living in a different country.

How is The Customer Support?

If you face any issues with your account, feel free to contact Surveoo’s support team.

But first, I suggest you read their FAQ section before contacting them directly. This section might have the answer that you’re looking for.

If that won’t help, you can reach them by chat. Please state your query in detail and wait for them to answer within a short duration.

Surveoo Customer Support

However, I couldn’t find their email ID on the website. If you cannot get a response from chat, it’ll be difficult to reach them via email.

Also, there are a few bad reviews online regarding the carelessness of Surveoo’s customer support. So, I believe it’s a major drawback that their team needs to work on.

Pros and Cons of Surveoo

Surveoo is a great way for sure. But, with every other money-making tool, it has some limitations. So, let’s dive into both the pros and cons of this platform.


  • Displays rewards and duration required beforehand
  • Multiple payment withdrawal options
  • Has a variety of high-paying surveys
  • Easy to signup and navigate the dashboard


  • Limited survey-taking options for some demography
  • Slightly higher payout threshold of $21
  • Limited contact options and bad customer service complaints

Surveoo FAQs

Here are some of the frequently asked questions on Surveoo:

Q. Does Surveoo Have a Mobile App?

A. Yes. Surveoo has a mobile app and it supports both Android and IOS.

Q. Is Surveoo Free to Use?

A. Yes. Surveoo is absolutely free to use and doesn’t charge you any amount during or after registration.

Q. Is It Available in Other Languages?

A. Yes. You can change the language in Surveoo’s dashboard with multiple options: Spanish, French, Latvian, Chinois, Turk, Arabe, Kazak, and so on.

Q. What are Surveoo’s Alternatives?

A. There are several other websites similar to Surveoo that pays the users in one of many ways. Some of them are Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, and Branded Surveys.

Surveoo Review: What Are The Users’ Opinions?

I consider Surveoo as a reliable platform to make money faster using paid surveys and other ways. This platform has paid millions of users from different parts of the world and can provide you with the opportunity to earn from home.

But, there are few bad reviews regarding fake emails or bad customer support. Let’s check some of them to know the real picture.

Surveoo Trustpilot User Review

Surveoo has received a 2.9 out of 5 rating in Trustpilot. Let’s start with the good reviews:

Positive User Review #1

Surveoo Trustpilot User Review

Positive User Review #2

Surveoo Trustpilot User Review

The above screenshot shows that users are able to cash out easily and are benefiting from a variety of survey options.

Meanwhile, there are some reviews that go against Surveoo’s claim of being a great money-making platform.

Negative User Review #1

Surveoo Trustpilot User Review

Negative User Review #2

Surveoo Trustpilot User Review

According to the negative reviews, Surveoo may have some issues with customer service or a few other areas, but overall, this site is not a scam.

Is Surveoo Worth It?

If you want to make additional online income while staying at home then Surveoo is a great place to start.

This platform gives you the flexibility to access the dashboard from a PC and mobile phone.

The signup process is quick and lets you access your dashboard within a minute. After that, it’s just a few clicks before you start answering your first survey.

You can view the compensation for each survey before you begin.

The dashboard also mentions the time taken to complete a task. This way, you can easily plan ahead which task to emphasize.

Final Verdict!

You can make money out of Surveoo if you meet the requirement. So, we request you read their terms and conditions before getting started so that you won’t face issues later on.

Lastly, I would like to say that Surveoo can be a great money-making tool.

Are you planning to register on Surveoo? Or would you prefer one of its alternatives instead? Share your opinion with us!

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