Viggle Review 2024: Is Viggle Legit or a Scam? (Don’t Miss)

Today, I’m going to review an app called Viggle which allows you to make money simply by watching TV.

The idea of making money while watching TV sounds cool. Right?

But, Does Viggle really pays?

Well, in this detailed review + Guide, I will share exactly if you can really make money with Viggle or not.

I will also share how much you can earn, how to withdraw it, and more.

So, let’s dive right in:

Is Viggle Legit or Scam?

Yes, Viggle is a legit app that pays you to watch TV. Basically, you have to watch the TV ads without skipping them to make money.

However, it is not easy as it sounds; you have to follow specific directions and consider some aspects; otherwise, you will waste your time and won’t earn any money.

So we will discuss all of it, but first, you will learn what Viggle is.

What is Viggle?

Viggle is a very popular application you can download on iOS or Android. All you have to do in the app is watch TV programs on the application and not skip any ads.

Viggle Review

The app is owned by the company “Function” and was released in 2012. At first, it was named Function x, but when they take over took place, it was named Viggle.

So let’s take a look at how you can join Viggle.

How to Join Viggle?

The first way to join Viggle is to download it from either Play Store or the app store. Once you download them, you must register them via your email address and password.

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You must verify your email address to start earning from the application. After verifying your account, you will receive instructions on earning from the applications.

How to Make Money from Viggle?

It is pretty easy to earn from VIggle. All you have to do is whenever you start the application to watch your favorite show or movies, you have to let the ads that come run.

Viggle Review Work

Whenever you let the ads run entirely, you will receive the points on your account, which can be later redeemed to earn cash or gift cards from various brands.

Furthermore, you will get bonus points whenever you watch featured shows on the application, which will help you reach your goal even more. In terms of bonus points, if you manage to watch all the featured shows and movies, you will earn the basis of 2 times, four times, and even ten times which is very rare but will help you make money faster.

Along with watching TV shows and movies, you can also earn money on the Viggle app by completing small tasks, quests, etc. Tasks such as downloading other applications, signing up for websites, etc., are many which will help you excel in your earnings even more.

How Much Can You Make from Viggle?

The earnings from Viggle depend upon how many points you can earn by completing tasks, answering trivia questions, and watching features movies and TV shows.

To earn more on the Viggle app, you must spend more time on the application. Another way to earn from the app is by recommending them to other users.

Once they start watching videos from their account, you will get the percentage of the point they earn. Please remember that it is essential to create your perk account, which you will find in the tutorial when you immediately join them.

In terms of earnings, you will earn at least 60,000 points per month.

Minimum Payout and Payment Method

First, you must know that you must earn 20 Viggle points for every perk point, and every 1000 perk points equal $1.

You can exchange points with various gadgets, such as mobile, headphones, Bluetooth, and speakers, and even you can win iPhone and PlayStation from the special rewards.

Another way to redeem your points from the Viggle application is to withdraw via Paypal cash. Once you reach 1000 perk points, you can withdraw cash to your PayPal cash.

Pros and Cons of the Viggle App


  • Viggle is a very interesting app for earning money by watching TV shows or movies.
  • The site is legit, and it pays.
  • You can either exchange prizes or withdraw via PayPal cash.


  • Monotonous and tedious tasks to complete.
  • The app is not available everywhere.
  • You will not earn as much as you want.
  • You must be active every day for seven hours to earn even a minimum amount.

Conclusion: Viggle Review

In this Viggle Review, we can conclude that the site is legit and it indeed pays; however, it is not as excitable as you think. You can get entertainment by watching videos, but if you want to earn money regularly, the app is not for you.

There are plenty of other alternatives to earn money, but you can watch amazing shows from the Viggle app.

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