Zoombucks Review 2024: Is it Legit or Scam? (Must Read)

Zoombuks is a reward site that promises rewards for doing tasks like completing surveys and watching videos.

But the question is:

Is Zoombucks legit? Do they even Pay?

In this review, I am going to cover everything about Zoombucks.

(all in one place) 💪

So, if you have questions like:

  • Is Zoombucks a scam?
  • How to get started?
  • How to make money on Zoombucks?
  • How to withdraw my earnings?
  • How to maximize my earnings on Zoombucks?

Then, this Zoombucks review is going to answer all of them one by one.

Let’s dive right in:

Is Zoombucks legit or a scam?

Yes, Zoombucks is a legit Get Paid to (GPT) site where you can make money completing various tasks. The company has been around for quite some time and you can find payment proofs of this company on the web.

So, we can say that Zoombucks is indeed a legit survey platform.

But my experience with Zoombucks has been really different.

I will share why I gave up using Zoombucks later in the full review.

But first, let’s learn:

What is Zoombucks?

Zoombucks is a very popular online platform where you can complete various surveys, tasks, and offers and earn some real PayPal cash or gift cards.

Zoombucks Review

You can either take surveys, watch videos, complete offers, or sign up with the website and then verify it. So now let’s take a look at how you can join Zoombucks.

How to Join Zoombucks?

In order to join Zoombucks you have to first join the site and then click on the sign-up button. You have to share your Gmail address, and then enter your password.

Zoombucks Review Sign Up

You can also sign up with your Facebook account and also with your Gmail account. After signing up with your account you have to input your address and then finally verify the email address.

After login in, you have to fill in some demographics so that you will get the same topics of the survey to complete and start earning money.

But we will discuss how you can earn money from Zoombucks below.

Also, don’t forget to check my Survey World Review where I explain how this platform works.

How to Make Money from Zoombucks?

There are several ways of making money from Zoombucks and they are explained in detail below:

#1 Ads

One of the most common ways of earning money online from Zoombucks is by watching videos and clicking ads on those videos.

Just like other GPT sites, you will be redirected to the site where you have to watch videos and you will have to wait for a certain amount of time to watch ads then only you will receive payment from the said video tasks.

However, this task comparatively pays a lot lower than other tasks on the site will pay but if you want to still earn some side money then you can watch videos from Zoombucks.

#2 Surveys

One of the most common ways of earning from the Zoombucks is by completing surveys. They are also among the high-paying task on the site so many people are attracted to these tasks.

Along with the Zoombucks survey, you will be also redirected to other surveys from other sites as you will be redirected to other client sites.

You will still be redirected to the Zoombucks site after completing your surveys from the other site and will be paid from the Zoombucks as well.

#3 Paid Offers

Another way of making money online from Zoombucks is by completing paid offers. You have to complete all the offers on the basis of the instructions mentioned in the offers.

If you fail to provide evidence of your completed offers then your job will not be considered to be complete.

Hence be sure to read all the instructions provided to you

How Does Zoombucks Pay?

In order to get paid by Zoombucks you have to complete all the tasks on the site and earn points. The points are like the currency from this site.

When you complete each task you will receive from 1000 to 5000 points which you can later redeem for the actual price.

If you earn over 5150 points then you will earn $5 on the Zoombucks site.

Minimum Payout and Payout Method

The minimum payout threshold is only $3 but it is quite hard to earn the $3 from the particular site. However, if you get frequent surveys then you will easily get past the minimum threshold.

Zoombucks pays you through various payouts such as Paypal cash, Amazon gift cards, and also Roblox Gift Cards.

If you want to earn money from Surveys then check out a legit survey site called MetroOpinion.


Do you get customer support?

The customer support of Zoombucks is quite horrendous and is one of the biggest disappointing factors of Zoombucks as you cannot ask for any help or inquiry.

There is also no social media where you can ask for help. So if you have some problems then you might have some problems solving them or asking about them.

Can you use Zoombucks on mobile?

Yes, you can use Zoombucks on mobile however it does not have an actual mobile application. You can easily use Zoomubcks from the web browser of your mobile phone.

The interface is quite user-friendly so you can easily log in and start working on the platform.

Who can join Zoombucks?

Zoombucks is an international website so anyone from any part of the world can join the platform however you have to be above 18 years old.

Pros & Cons of Zoombucks

I’ve listed out some of the pros and cons of Zoombucks that’ll help you to decide whether Zoombucks is for you or not:


  • Zoombucks’ tasks are quite easy to complete.
  • You can join from any part of the world.
  • You can do the tasks even on your mobile.


  • They have very disappointing customer support.
  • The earning potential is very low.
  • You have to earn at least 5000 points to withdraw your earnings.

Conclusion: Zoombucks Review

After the detailed Zoombucks Review, we can conclude the site is legit and it does pay. However, the earning potential of the site is quite limited.

Most of the high-paying surveys are restricted to countries like USA, and UK. So, if you are from 3rd world countries, the surveys will be low paying.

Another drawback of this platform is its customer support which is terrible. I’ve been using this site for 2-3 years now but a few months back when I tried to log in to my Zoombucks account, I was asked to enter my personal details like name, age, location, and so on.

But when I tried to submit the form, it said the Zip code is invalid. I thought it was just a glitch as I had entered the correct zip code.

So, I contacted Zoombucks support and they replied with generic solutions like clearing the cache and using different browsers and zip codes.

I did everything. But still, I was unable to get back into my account.

After weeks of back and forth via Email, they just told me that their developers are working to find the issue.

But months passed by and I got no email from them.

So, I eventually gave up!

Though they might be a legit company, they are not professional at all while handling my case.

I had some money on my Zoombucks account which I do not care about!

But the question is:

Can’t they really solve a simple issue like mine? Or Do they not simply care about their users?

Well, It’s up to you to decide!

If you’ve used Zoombucks before, please don’t forget to share your experience below.

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