Texting Factory Review 2024: Can You Earn $300 Per Week? (Must Read)

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Name Texting Factory
Platform Website
Devices Desktop, Laptop, Mobile
Available Worldwide
How to earn Chatting with strangers
Welcome Bonus? No
Earnings $0.06 to $0.12 per message (approx.)
Payout Options Bitsafe
Minimum Cashout $50
Payout Fee Unknown
Is Texting Factory Legit? Yes, but with some red flags. The minimum cashout threshold is high, and the job requires users to flirt with men online, which may not be suitable for everyone. Payment methods are also limited to Bitsafe only.

Is Texting Factory Legit?

Texting Factory is a legit paid-to-chat site that allows its users to make money simply by chatting online with strangers. While doing my research, I’ve found that Texting Factory does pay its users.

However, the minimum cashout threshold is $100 which is high and I think most users will not be able to hit that mark as you will get paid somewhere between $0.06 to $0.12 per message.

And also note that the job requires you to flirt with men online which might not be for everyone.

If you are comfortable chatting with strangers online, then Texting Factory can be a nice side hustle.

Texting Factory claims to pay you from up to $300 or more per week but that might be a little farfetched and their payment methods are via Bitsafe only which is another red flag.

Though Texting Factory seems legit there are some red flags about this site which is concerning.

I will discuss those red flags, later in this post.

But first, let’s learn more about this site:

What is Texting Factory?

As the name suggests, Texting Factory is an online platform where users earn money by texting or chatting as chat operators. Texting Factory is the subsidy or sister site of Web Tech Interactive media and was established in 2009.

There is not much information on the owner of the platform and why did they establish however it is sure that they give opportunities to people who want to earn money by chatting with customers or strangers.

Texting Factory Review

One of the job’s main attractions is the flexible work schedule, which attracts various people to work as a side hustle.

So now let’s get to know how you can join Texting Factory.

How to Join Texting Factory?

So to chat and earn from Texting Factory you first have to join the site. Visit Texting Factory.com and then click the “Start Application” button where you have to apply to join Texting Factory.

Texting Factory Review Sign Up

In the application, you have to submit your name, email address, the reason why you want to join Texting Factory, and then the password that you need to log in to your account.

You have to agree with the terms and conditions and most important you must be over 18 years old.

After the initial application process, Texting Factory will monitor your application and will respond to you within 48 hours whether you are eligible or not.

After 48 hours you will receive the confirmation link to join the Texting Factory and then answer some questions that will help you qualify for the job as a chat operator. Normally these questions are mixed of normal and adult content so you must be comfortable answering them.

Since you do not need any experience for the Texting Factory job once you have joined them you are all ready to start chatting and earning money.

Now let’s take a look at how Texting Factory work.

How to Make Money on Texting Factory?

Texting Factory is a simple online earning platform in which you just have to chat and earn money. The main goal or objective of the chat operators in Texting Factory is to have casual and fun conversations with strangers.

This side hustle is perfect for introverts and private people who don’t like phone or face-to-face conversations as you only have to text strangers to earn money.

Another good aspect of the site is that you can be anonymous while texting with the customers and you do not have to share any personal information about yourself.

Before assigning you a customer, Texting Factory will provide you with information on what kind of customer you are chatting with and what kind of conversation they want to have.

Sometimes the customer only wants to have some casual conversations like day-to-day events, movies, weather, and more, and sometimes they want to flirt or have an adult conversation which you must agree to have before engaging in the conversation.


However, you will not be immediately hired as a chat operator as you have to engage in the training for almost 2 hours.

Texting Factory Work

When you get familiar with the working mechanism of the Texting Factory you will then be assigned to work on the platform.

You will not be paid for the training time and instead, your earnings will begin once your training is completed. You can immediately log in to the site and then start earning.

The more you engage in chatting the more you will earn in the Texting Factory. Also, the rate of earning can be different from the complexity of the conversation whether it can be fantasy-based or just simple casual conversations.

How Much Can You Make from Texting Factory?

Texting Factory really claims to pay you over $300  per week so is it true or just overhype claim of the site?

They also claim that if you work even harder in Texting Facotry you will earn even more but that is simply impossible.

After doing much research it is believed that if you send over 100 messages you will earn $4 so to earn almost $300 you have to send over 7500 messages in a week which is really high amount in the general context of things.

So the earnings on the Texting Factory are completely based on how much you want to engage in it seriously as you have to send at least 125 messages even to earn $5.

Hence the claims of Texting Factory of even earning $300 per week seems unrealistic and overhyped.

How Does Texting Factory Pay?

The only way Texting Factory Pay you is by Bitsafe payment method. Bitsafe is the online payment platform and is the competition of another payment transferring wallet in PayPal.

You must create your new valid Bitsafe account where Texting Factory can send you your earnings.

The minimum payment is at least $50 for BitSafe so you have to send at least 1250 messages before reaching your minimum payout threshold.

Bitsafe is the only way you can make money from Texting Factory which is another major negative aspect of this online platform.

Texting Factory Review

Texting Factory isn’t a scam as I’ve come across several payment proofs from users working on the site.

However, some of the reviews I’ve come across the claim that were not paid from Texting Factory. According to the reviewers, their accounts were deactivated when they started making some money.

Here are some of the negative reviews from Trustpilot:

Texting Factory Review #1

Texting Factory Reviews

Texting Factory Review #2

Texting Factory Reviews

Texting Factory Review #3

Texting Factory Reviews

Texting Factory also has 5-star ratings on Trustpilot, but only 16% of the people have rated it with 5 stars whereas 67% of people have rated it with 1 star.

Apart from the poor reviews of this site, there are some red flags about this company that users must know:

#1 Fake Testimonials: Texting Factory uses fake testimonials on their website as the picture of the reviewers is stock photos. If you search the image on Google, then you will find the images being used by many sites under different names. In my opinion, this is somehow unethical, and a reputed company will not display fake testimonials on its website.

#2 Limited Details about its Company: While doing my research I’ve come across the parent company of Texting Factory called Webtech Interactive Media. Their official website does not have any privacy policy and terms of service that are required to run a legit business. On top of that, I have not found any background or further details about Webtech Interactive Media and who is behind this company.

#3 ID Verification: While creating an account on Texting Factory, you have to go through an ID verification process. You will have to submit your ID as well as take a selfie to prove that you are legit. And Texting Factory works with a third-party service called eValid to verify your ID.

Now, things get a bit confusing here:

The domain name evalid.io was registered on 2020-07-13 and it is currently 2 years and 8 months old at the time of writing this review.

So, my point is that I cannot trust a site with my personal data which started around 2 years ago and haven’t heard about before.

And this is a huge red flag for me as Texting Factory does not clearly says what they do with my ID and personal info.

So, the bottom line is I would not join the Texting factory for this reason.


  • You can easily earn by texting people.
  • In the texting factory, you won’t have to reveal your identity.
  • Texting Factory is available all over the world.
  • The work schedule is very flexible.


  • You have to earn at least $50 to withdraw your earnings.
  • The payout method is only via Bitsafe.
  • Texting Factory claims you will earn $300 per week which is not practical.
  • You can earn a larger amount only via adult and fantasy chats.


Texting Factory has a rating of 1.9 stars on Trustpilot whereas the company has a rating of 3 stars on Glassdoor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Texting Factory?

Texting Factory is an online platform where users earn money by texting or chatting as chat operators.

How do I join Texting Factory?

To join Texting Factory, visit their website and click the “Start Application” button. Fill in your name, email address, the reason for joining, and password to log in to your account. Agree to the terms and conditions and ensure you’re over 18 years old.

How much can I earn on Texting Factory?

You can earn between $0.06 to $0.12 per message. However, it might be challenging to reach the minimum payout threshold of $100.

Can I remain anonymous while working for Texting Factory?

Yes, you can be anonymous while texting with the customers and don’t have to share any personal information about yourself.

What kind of conversations do I need to have with customers on Texting Factory?

As a chat operator, your goal is to have casual and fun conversations with strangers. However, customers might request adult conversations or flirting.

How do I get paid on Texting Factory?

Texting Factory’s payout option is Bitsafe. Once you have reached the minimum payout threshold, you can request a payout to your Bitsafe account.

Is Texting Factory a legitimate platform?

Yes, Texting Factory is a legitimate paid-to-chat site. However, there are some red flags like the high minimum cashout threshold, and the requirement to flirt with men online.

Do I need any experience to work on Texting Factory?

No, you don’t need any prior experience to work on Texting Factory. However, you will have to engage in a two-hour training session before getting assigned as a chat operator.

What devices can I use to work on Texting Factory?

You can use a desktop, laptop, or mobile device to work on Texting Factory.

Are there any tips to maximize earnings on Texting Factory?

To maximize your earnings, engage in more chatting, and have longer conversations. Be friendly and build rapport with customers. Additionally, ensure you’re comfortable with the type of conversations you’re having.

Conclusion: Texting Factory Review

All in all, after this detailed Texting Factory review we can conclude that it is a legit site where you can earn money by texting with customers.

You have to train for some hours and choose whether to have a casual conversation or an adult fantasy-related conversation.

To earn from the Texting Factory you have to create a valid Betsafe account where you have to earn over $50 to withdraw your earnings.

There are many red flags in Texting Factory and you certainly can’t earn $300 per week, and as I’ve discussed the red flags regarding this site, I would not recommend you to join this site.

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