SurveyTime Review 2024: Is SurveyTime Legit or a Scam? (Don’t Miss)

Making money online is easier now than ever! Tons of websites are available where you can simply answer surveys to earn rewards. If you’ve researched these platforms then you must have heard the name of SurveyTime.

SurveyTime is also one of them that claims to pay you money for completing surveys. But, how authentic is it?

Before you sign up for such a money-making platform, you need to find out whether they’re legit or a scam. So, I suggest you read this detailed SurveyTime review that answers almost every question that you have in your mind about it.

Quick Overview

Trustpilot Rating 4.3 Stars
Way of Earning Paid Online Surveys
Earning Potential $1 Per Survey
Method of Reward Amazon Gift Card, Target Gift Card, PayPal, and Coinbase
Audience Anyone in the world
Time Required 5 to 15 Minutes Per Survey
Withdraw Threshold None; Can Cash Out With Minimal Balance
Similar Alternatives Surveoo, Swagbucks, Smart Opinion, ySense, and Freecash

What is SurveyTime?

SurveyTime is a survey-taking platform that claims to give you a reward for completing the questionnaires available to you. Their aim is to reach diverse audiences to gather data from millennials, minority groups, business professionals, and more., a data-driven sample provider, is the parent company of SurveyTime. Some of the reputed brands, such as Dynata, Lucid, and Schlesinger Group, trust this global survey panel.

Based on your demography, interest, and other details, SurveyTime provides you with surveys. Apart from English, can choose from seven other languages to access its website. Some of them are Arabic, French, Russian, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Their headquarters is located in the US. But, they have a higher number of international audiences. According to SimilarWeb, their website receives the highest traffic from Brazil, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

SurveyTime Review Homepage

SurveyTime Facts

  • Monthly Website Visit: 2.0 Million
  • Founder: Ofir Pasternek
  • Reward per survey: $1
  • Minimum Threshold: None

Is SurveyTime Worth It?

Since SurveyTime is backed up by a leading programmatic mobile DSP, you can trust this platform. It is easy to make money from this survey provider with its easy-to-navigate dashboard and quick sign-up procedure.

The best part of this survey-taking platform is that you can access it from anywhere in the world. So, no matter where you’re reading this, you can take part in their surveys. However, you need to qualify for the requirements for each survey opportunity.

SurveyTime displays surveys in your dashboard only if you’re the right match for the respective market research. For instance, if you’re from South East Asia, they won’t give the surveys whose target audience is from Western Europe.

Is SurveyTime Legit or a Scam?

If you’re thinking that this platform could be a scam, then I’ve some good news. SurveyTime is a legit website that pays the amount promised to you.

They have partnered with leading research firms from different parts of the world. These third-party agencies pay SurveyTime to get the opinion of their target audience group. So, when you take part in their survey, you get paid as a reward.

Make Money doing Surveys on SurveyTime

Some of the renowned brands, such as Rapido, Ubisoft, and Coinswitch Kuber trust, the parent company of SurveyTime. So, I can claim that this platform is reliable and won’t scam you in any way.

Who Can Join SurveyTime?

The answer to this query is simple: anyone can join SurveyTime. As mentioned earlier, this platform is available worldwide and supports eight languages. So, no matter where you’re reading this review, you can register right now!

SurveyTime Homepage

Some of the similar survey-taking platforms might pay more, but they have geographical limitations. Thus, SurveyTime is a better option when it comes to demographic flexibility.

But, the number of surveys might vary depending on your location. Since each survey target audiences from a certain demography, yours may not be available at the moment.

Can You Access SurveyTime From a Smartphone?

SurveyTime’s website is mobile-friendly. This means that you can easily access it from any device, be it a laptop, desktop, tablet, and so on. So, you can open the link to new survey forms directly from your smartphone’s browser app.

Moreover, they also have mobile apps on both Google Play Store and App Store. Thus, you don’t need to limit yourself to a single device to take part in the surveys.

How Much Can You Make From SurveyTime?

The pay is fixed for each survey. For some, the $1 reward per survey might be a low amount. But, you can easily complete each survey within 5 to 10 minutes. Thus, you can easily earn more rewards by completing more surveys a day.

For instance, if you 2 to 3 hours on this platform, you can complete up to 6 surveys and earn the same amount of dollars. So, it can become a lucrative side income opportunity.

But, it completely depends upon various factors regarding how much you can make from SurveyTime. If you don’t see a lot of surveys in your dashboard, your potential to earn might not be a lot.

What Are The Payment Methods of SurveyTime?

Another great thing about this survey-taking platform is that you can choose to cash out your reward using multiple methods. The most common mode of payment for SurveyTime are:

  • Amazon Gift Card
  • Target Gift Card
  • PayPal
  • Coinbase (via Bitcoin)

The mode of payment might differ based on your country. For instance, some of these gift cards aren’t supported outside the US.

Also, you’ll be happy to hear that SurveyTime doesn’t have a minimum threshold to withdraw the reward that you earn. This means that you can transfer the money to any of these options immediately after completing the survey.

How to Get Started With SurveyTime?

To start your journey with SurveyTime, you have to sign up on its platform. During the process, you need to provide your personal details, such as age, gender, and more. You’ll get future survey opportunities based on this information.

Let’s understand the signup process with this step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Visit on your mobile or computer. On the homepage, you’ll see multiple options to sign up, such as with Google Facebook, and Email. For this demonstration, I’ll pick the first option.

SurveyTime homepage signup

Step 2: When you sign up with Google, SurveyTime requests you to answer a short questionnaire. It will take around a minute to complete. Please click on Start Now to proceed.

SurveyTime Questioannaires

Step 3: Now you need to provide a few basic information, such as your date of birth and gender. Provide your answers in the interface below and click Next after each answer.

SurveyTime Age

SurveyTime Gender

Step 4: Now, SurveyTime displays basic instructions before asking more questions. Please read it and then select the ‘I Understand’ icon and click on Continue.

SurveyTime Instructions

Step 5: Here, you need to select your desired mode of payment. As mentioned earlier, SurveyTime pays you with Amazon, PayPal, Coinbase, and more. If you’re sure about your preferred payment method, select your option.

SurveyTime Mode of Payment

But, if you don’t know which one works best for you, select the ‘I’ll decide later’ option. Click on the Next button after you’ve made your choice.

Now, you’ve successfully signed up for this platform. Based on your demography, you’ll get the recommendation for surveys in the dashboard.

However, you might not see the surveys right after you register. If this happens, I suggest you enable browser notification so you won’t miss out on any future opportunities.

Does SurveyTime Provide Support?

When you’re navigating the dashboard in a survey-taking site, you may face some issues. There should be a support system to help you to resolve it.

In the case of SurveyTime, there isn’t a contact page where you can raise a support ticket. Instead, you’ll get the option to email the support team if you face any issues. But, they might take a longer duration to respond to your email.

Before contacting them, you can also read the FAQ section on their website. Here, you’ll find plenty of answers to the questions other users have asked.

Overall, their support system isn’t good and needs improvement.

Pros and Cons

This survey-taking tool has both good and bad aspects. It depends on you if you find it helpful or not. So, let’s look at both the positive and negative aspects of SurveyTime so you can make your decision to register on this platform.


  • Available for a global audience
  • Instant cash-out system
  • No minimum payout limit
  • The uniform reward for each survey
  • Supports several payout methods


  • Low survey-taking opportunities based on demography
  • No high rewards for time-consuming surveys
  • Not-so-good support system

SurveyTime Review: How Are Users Reacting?

SurveyTime is a trustworthy platform to generate money from surveys. If you complete each questionnaire, you’ll receive the reward and cash it out instantly.

However, there are some limitations of this platform that might make you rethink your decision to register on SurveyTime. If you’re being sceptical about that, let me assure you that the vast majority of users have rated positively for this platform.

Thus, you’ll most likely have a good experience in SurveyTime.

In TrustPilot, around 13,000 users have rated this survey-taking tool an average of 4.3 out of 5 stars. That is a good rating in my view. Here are some of the positive reviews:

SurveyTime Positive Review

SurveyTime Review Positive

In the above reviews, users are able to cash out $10-$11 after completing multiple surveys. The second user mentioned about a few issues such as terminating in the middle of the survey. But, overall, they are not scammed and are able to receive rewards for their effort.

Now, here are a few negative reviews:

SurveyTime Negative Review

SurveyTime Review Negative

Some of the users are having bad experiences with this platform. They’ve also mentioned that the support team isn’t helping.

But, I believe that these issues occur rarely. Most of the users are able to complete the surveys and receive the reward without facing such problems.

What Are The Alternatives of SurveyTime?

If you believe that SurveyTime may not be a good fit for you, you’ve plenty of other alternatives to choose from. The methods of payment, minimum cashout, and reward amount might vary for these platforms.

1. Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys is also a survey-taking platform that rewards you with points for answering questionnaires. You can redeem these points and cash out using PayPal, Amazon gift card, charity, and other options.

2. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a platform that rewards you for several online activities. These activities can range from playing games to answering surveys and more. They give out 7000 gift cards every day to their users.

3. ySense

ySense also pays you rewards for answering surveys, trying new products and services, downloading apps, and so on. They have partnered with leading researchers, such as Pollfish, Sample Cube, Opinion Surveys, and Cint.

4. Freecash

Freecash is also a similar website that pays you for doing online activities. You can earn around $1.74 per offer, which includes answering surveys, playing games, and installing apps. They support plenty of withdrawal methods as cash or gift cards.


Q. Is SurveyTime Safe?

Answer: Yes. SurveyTime is a safe platform that doesn’t leak your data to other third-party sites. They only share your information with the researchers for whom you’re taking the survey.

Q. How Does SurveyTime Notify Me About New Surveys?

Answer: SurveyTime notifies you about any new surveys that match your demography using three methods. These are text, email, and web notifications.

Q. What if I Cannot Complete a Survey?

Answer: If you can’t complete a survey and leave it in the middle, you’ll get redirected out of the questionnaires. SurveyTime won’t pay you for incomplete surveys. But, you are free to take other surveys available in your dashboard.

Q. Is There Any Limit to The Rewards?

Answer: No. There’s no limit to the rewards that you can receive. As long as you complete all the surveys available in the dashboard, you’re going to receive rewards without restriction.

Final Verdict!

All and all, SurveyTime is a reliable survey-taking platform that you can try out at least once. Compared to other high-paying sites, the reward per survey might be lower. But, you can still earn a significant amount by completing multiple questionnaires.

I believe that after reading this entire review, you’re now ready to make a well-informed decision about this platform. Please share your opinion on whether you’ll prefer SurveyTime to make money or choose its alternative instead.

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