Review 2024: Is This Legit or a Scam? (Don’t Miss)

Today, I am going to review a Paid To Click (PTC) site called

If you want to make money with then you’ll love this full review.

I will be sharing:

  • My honest opinion about
  • How to make money with
  • Pros & cons of
  • How to withdraw your earnings
  • and more…

So, let’s dive right in:


Platform Website
Devices Desktop, Laptop, Mobile
Available Worldwide
How to earn Watching Videos, Visiting Websites, and Banner Ads
Welcome Bonus? No
Earnings Average $0.0004 per video and around $0.119 per 1000 views for banner ads
Payout Options Paypal, Cryptocurrencies
Minimum Payout $0.03
Payout Fee None
Is Legit? Yes, is a legit PTC site with over 2 million members registered and over $462k paid to users so far. Users can earn money by watching videos, visiting websites, and using banner ads on their websites.

What is is a PTC site where you can earn money by viewing ad banners, watching videos, visiting websites,s and so on. Homepage

According to, they have over 2 million members registered on the platform and they have paid over $462k.

If you want to make money with GPT sites, then I highly recommend you to check out this Everve review.

How to Get Started?

Visit signup page and enter your details like username, email, and password. Sign up Page

Then, agree to the terms of service and click sign up to create your account.

Then you have to verify your email address to activate your account.

Alternatively, you can also signup using Google and VK.

How to make money on provides a few ways to make money on the platform.

In this section, we will discuss each one of them in detail.

1) Watching Videos

You can make money on by watching videos. The length of the video is usually 20 seconds and +$ 0.000496125.

To watch videos, you have to log in to your account, and on the ‘Control Center’, you will see all the available videos. Video Ads

You can click on the ‘Start’ or on the video and that will redirect you to a page with a video and a timer.

Once you click on play, the countdown timer will start and you have to watch the video for 20 seconds to get paid.

If you love watching videos, then you can also check out sites like Hive Micro and Robson app, where you can make money watching, categorizing, and recording videos.

2) Visiting Websites also allows you to make money visiting advertisers’ websites. But you have to install browser extension to complete the ‘Visit Website’ tasks.

To download the a browser extension, click on the ‘Extensions’ tab on the header, and select your browser and you will be redirected to the extension download page. Extension Download

Once you install the extension, will verify the extension.

Then, you can click on the extension to see all the available ‘Visit Website’ tasks along with their pay as well as the time required to complete them. Extension

Click on the ‘Visit Website’ task to view the advertiser’s website. And you just have to browse or stay on the website until the timer runs out and you will get credited for the task.

3) Banner Ads

If you have a website, then you can monetize your website with banner ads as well. However, to add banner ads you have to sign up for another website run by surfe called

You will earn around $0,119 per 1000 views! Banner Ads (

So, if you have a website with a lot of traffic, then you can utilize banner ads to monetize the traffic.

4) Affiliate Program

Another way to make money is on is by referring new users to the platform. You can earn 5.25% of what your referred users earned on the platform through banner impressions, website visits, and video views.

Similarly, if your referred users spent money on advertising then you will also earn 5.25% of their ad spent.

How to Withdraw your Earnings on

Once you complete a task successfully on, the amount for the task will get credited to your account balance.

Then you will be able to withdraw your earnings when you reach the minimum payout threshold of $0.03.

You can simply click on the ‘Withdraw funds’ link next to your balance to withdraw your earnings. Withdraw Funds

There are multiple payout options available on the platform such as Payeer, Qiwi, Yandex.Money and WebMoney.

How much money can you earn with is a PTC site and like many other PTC sites, they also pay a low amount of money for completing tasks on the site.

For instance:

By watching a 20-second video on, you will earn $0.00049.

And to make $1 you have to watch around 2040 videos like this.

Which means:

Watching the video ads for 11 hours will make you $1.

As you can see, the rewards on the platform are really low and you will not be making much work on the site. Reviews

In my opinion, is not a good platform to make money as the rewards are really low and you will have to put in a lot of time and effort to earn just $1. The earnings opportunity on the platform is pretty much limited and most of the tasks pay something like $0.00030 to $0.00049 which is very low. You can make more than this by working on many other GPT and survey sites. So, I do not recommend this site if you want to make a decent side income. However, is a legit site and they pay its users on time.

Final Thoughts

PTC sites are not a great way to make money if you really want to make a decent side income. If you are looking for a straight answer if is a legit site or not, then let me tell you that it’s a legit site.

However, only being a legit platform does not make it a good way to make money. But we need to look at its earning potential which is not much.

So, I would be better off working on other sites that pays higher than this one.

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