JustPlay App Review 2024: Is this App Legit or a Scam? (Full Details)

As a gamer, it’s delighted to know that some applications pay you for playing on their platform.

JustPlay is one of those apps that claim to reward you with coins that you can convert to cash.  But, is the app legit or are they trying to scam you?

If you’re worried about its legibility then please read this entire JustPlay app review.

Here, you’ll learn the reliability of the JustPlay app and whether to invest in it or look for any other alternative.

Quick Overview

Google Rating 4.3 Stars
Location Supported in 9 countries
Platform Google Play Store
Ways of Earning Games, Offers, and Video Ads
Method of Reward Coins that convert to cash
Cash Out Window Every 3 hours
Payout Options Amazon, Walmart, Donation, PayPal, Burger King, and more
Transaction Fee None
Similar Alternatives Buff, MistPlay, Cash Giraffe, and more

What is JustPlay App?

JustPlay is a mobile gaming app that claims to pay you money for playing games on its platform.

The creators of this game believe that it is mutually beneficial to reward the players for investing their time in what they enjoy doing.

Their website mentions that you can cash out your earning every 3 hours. Also, you can choose to receive the cash or donate to a certain cause.

JustPlay app review

JustPlay is free to download and doesn’t charge money to install games that are listed on its platform. Also, the game is for everyone, so you need to worry about the age limit.

You don’t need to go through a lengthy registration process before you can start earning.

The only time you need to provide personal details is when you want to cash out.

App Info

  • Developer: JustPlay GmbH
  • Available in: Google Play Store
  • Downloads: More than 10 Million
  • Google Review: 4.3 Stars (435K reviews)
  • Audience: Everyone

JustPlay App Review: Is it Legit or a Scam?

JustPlay is a legit app and won’t scam you with any fake promises. This platform will pay you money for investing time and effort in it. But, the amount you earn might be lesser than its other alternatives.

The app has received positive reviews from the vast majority of its audience. So, you can rely on this app to make money online.

If you’re searching for its review then you need to search with the name ‘JustPlay – Earn or Donate’. There are reviews for apps with similar names on Trustpilot and Google Play Store, so make sure you don’t read the review of a different app.

The app’s users have mentioned that they needed to spend lengthy hours to earn limited money. I hope this will change in the future and they’ll start rewarding more to its dedicated users more.

Who Can Join JustPlay?

JustPlay doesn’t have any age limit so everyone can join this platform and start making money from the first day. JustPlay App DownloadBut, there’s a location constraint that you need to know before you download this app. JustPlay doesn’t work everywhere. It only supports the following countries:

  • The United States of America
  • The United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Germany
  • Poland
  • Italy
  • Spain

They highly discourage you from using VPNs to access networks from other countries. So, if you’re not from these countries and you install the app using VPN, you can’t earn any reward.

If JustPlay doesn’t support your country, you can simply switch to other similar apps, like MistPlay.

What Are The Ways to Make Money From JustPlay?

Do you want to learn about different methods of earning from this app? Here are three approaches that you can implement to make a decent amount:

1. Featured Games

The most common approach to earn from this app is to play the featured games that show up immediately when you log in. You need to download the games separately but access them from the JustPlay app every time before playing.

If you play the featured games without accessing the JustPlay app, they can’t track your progress. If that happens, no matter how many hours you give to the game, you won’t make any earnings.

Once you install the games and access them via JustPlay, you’ll see that the number of coins starts increasing. The app pays you in coins that later convert into money at the time of cash out.

For each game, you need to accomplish certain tasks to receive the coins. There are certain games that pay you more than the others, such as Treasure Master and Merge Blast.

2. Completing Offers

Another way of earning from this app is by completing the paid offers you’ll see on its dashboard. These offers promise to pay you coins for doing certain tasks that may be unrelated to playing games.

For instance, the app may ask you to connect with your social media accounts. Or, it could also ask you to complete a survey. These tasks can be a good way to take a break after hours of gaming.

3. Watching Video Ads

Finally, the easiest way to earn from the JustPlay app is to watch videos. While scrolling through the app, you might see options to earn a comparatively higher amount of coins for just watching a video.

These videos are the ads that are paid by the advertisers to broadcast on the app. So, if you watch them on JustPlay’s platform, they’ll receive revenue from advertisers. And they’re going to share it with you as coins. JustPlay App Review

How Much Money Can You Make?

If you want to know exactly how much you can earn after dedicating a certain number of hours to the app, there’s no accurate answer. The reason is it’s confusing coins to cash conversion that doesn’t remain constant.

For instance, you might’ve earned 80,000 points but receive lower cash than someone who has only 35,000. Sometimes, the app converts 1 JustPlay coin to $0.00001 and the next moment it could go to $0.00003.

I think it might depend on the player’s location. If you’re based in the US or Canada, you can earn significantly higher than users from other countries.  So, I can’t give an exact answer to this query.

However, I assume that you can make around $2 to $7 every day if you give a decent amount of hours to this platform.

Some users say they earn double-digit income per day from this app.

JustPlay also claims that if you collect more coins in a day then you’ll earn a higher reward the next day.

Tips to Earn More From JustPlay

Let’s take a look at some ways that’ll help you maximize your earning in JustPlay.

1. Play Multiple Games

In the app’s dashboard, you’ll see a variety of featured games. I suggest you find the games that excite you and download at least 4 to 5 of them instead of just one. This way, you’ll find out which of these games rewards you with the most coins.

2. Watch All The Video Ads

JustPlay app earns revenue from advertisers if you watch their ads. So, don’t skip the ads if you see one while indulging in the game. If you stick to the entire ad without skipping them, they’ll reward you with more coins.

3. Unlock Higher Game Levels

Some of these games reward you higher after you reach a certain level. Thus, if you get stuck on a difficult mission, give your 100% to complete it.

What Are JustPlay App Payout Options?

One amazing thing about JustPlay is that it provides many options to cash out your earnings. Here are all of the payout methods:

1. Amazon Gift Card

You need to have at least $0.01 after converting the coins to money in your account to opt for this option.

2. Walmart Gift Card

The minimum payout amount is quite higher, which is $1.

3. Donate to Causes

There are several causes that JustPlay supports. So, if you want to donate your earning to one of them, there is no minimum cashout requirement. They let you donate to Clean Air Task Force, Doctors Without Borders, and The Hunger Project. JustPlay App Donate

4. Target Gift Card

Similar to the Walmart gift card, you need to have a minimum of $1 to cash out using this option.

5. PayPal Cash Out

PayPal charges a certain transaction fee to cash out money from JustPlay. However, the app pays all the fees without deducting your earning. For this option, you need to accumulate at least $2 from the app.

6. Burger King eGift

JustPlay has partnered with Burger King as well, but you need to have $5 as a minimum balance to cash out using this option.

7. Google Play

Finally, you can simply cash out using Google Play, but similar to Burger King, they have a high payout amount, which is $5.

How to Get Started With JustPlay?

Now that you gained a detailed insight about JustPlay, let’s find out how to get started with this app.

Here is a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Go to Google Play Store on your Android device and insert the title ‘JustPlay – Earn or Donate’. Install the app that has a logo as shown in the screenshot below: JustPlay App Google Play Step 2: You’ll see a few pop-up windows that’ll welcome you into the app. Skip them all and the dashboard will appear on your screen. Scroll through the featured games and click on “Play and Earn” under the game that you want to play.

Step 3: Download your desired game from the Google Play Store. After that, go back to JustPlay app and access the game from its dashboard.

Step 4: Continue playing the game and earn substantial coins to get the reward. Also, watch video ads and complete paid offers.

Step 5: After you’ve earned enough coins, you can opt for cash out. Once it’s the payout time, choose your desired payout option and provide a few personal details.

The payout is instant and you’ll receive the cash without any hassle. You can read their FAQ and documentation to learn how to use this app from their support portal.

If you face any issue during any of these steps, you can also contact the JustPlay team at customer-support@justplayapps.com.

JustPlay Pros and Cons

Not every mobile app can be perfect and fulfill all the needs of its users. Similarly, JustPlay also has its perks and some areas it needs to improve on. Here are its pros and cons:


  • Many cash payout options, including donating to charity
  • Fast payout window: every 3 hours
  • Requires minimum cash-out amount
  • The interface is clean and easy-to-navigate


  • Limited earnings even after spending more hours
  • Uninstalling the app loses all your coins
  • There is no fix coin to cash conversion rate
  • Supports less than a dozen of countries


Q. Can I Install JustPlay on my Desktop?

Answer: No. Currently, JustPlay supports only mobile devices so you cannot install it on your desktop. Later they may plan on launching a desktop app. I suggest you stay updated on their Facebook page to find out.

Q. Is my Data Secured in JustPlay?

Answer: Yes. JustPlay keeps the data safe when you provide it during the cash-out process. You can also email them a data removal request to erase the information that you’ve provided and they’ll delete your personal information.

Q. Is JustPlay Available on IOS?

Answer: No. The app currently supports only the Android platform. Stay updated on their social media channels to know when they’ll plan to launch an IOS app.

What Are The Alternatives of the JustPlay App?

Although JustPlay is a great platform to earn while playing games, there are similar other alternatives that you can try out. Some of these apps pay you higher than what JustPlay offers.

1. Cash Giraffe

Cash Giraffe is similar to JustPlay, but it has a minimum cash-out amount (only $0.02) for PayPal. It has more than a million downloads on Google Play Store and has 4.3 stars rating.

2. Rewarded Play

With more than 10 million downloads on Google Play Store, Rewarded Play has become a popular app to earn money while playing games. You can cash out using Amazon gift cards, Walmart gift cards, and more.

3. MistPlay

MistPlay is similar to JustPlay but has a lot more game genre options. This app lets you take part in contests every week that can maximize your earning. You can receive grand prizes if you win in such contests.

4. Buff

Buff is a superior play-to-earn app that has many popular games, such as Call of Duty, PUBG, Valorant, and so on. It even has a desktop app so you don’t need to limit yourself to smartphones.

JustPlay App Review: What Are Users’ Opinions?

JustPlay is a superb app when it comes to earning while playing games. There are tons of benefits, like frequent cash-out windows, many game options, and so on.

However, when you compare it to other alternatives, JustPlay lacks in many ways. For instance, in contrast to Buff, it doesn’t support desktop apps.

Also, it doesn’t conduct any contests like MistPlay.  If you want to know how its users are reacting then here are some JustPlay app reviews that I gathered from Google Play Store.

A vast majority of its reviews are positive, so that’s good news.

Positive User Review #1

JustPlay App Review

Positive User Review #2

Review from JustPlay app user The above reviews are from some of the happy audiences who had a great experience with the app. But, some users complain about its low earning opportunities.

Let’s look at it as well:

Negative User Review #1 Review of JustPlay app

Final Verdict

Lastly, I want to conclude that JustPlay is not a scam and will pay you money for spending time on its app. They have many payout options that let you cash out conveniently.

However, some users have complained about its lower-earning opportunity. If that doesn’t bother you then I suggest you download the app right away.

But, if you want to try out other apps instead then similar alternatives are many.  Please mention in the comments which app are you going to choose to earn while playing.

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