Is Apex Focus Group Legit? Don’t Miss this Full Review [2024]

Online surveys, focus groups, and market research are crucial for a brand to innovate and improve its product offerings.

And you can contribute to helping companies create better products or services while getting paid for it.

If you want to participate in one of these research studies, Apex Focus Group might be a great place to start.

Apex FocusGroup Review and Guide

This platform claims to provide you with an opportunity to join market studies.

This way, you get to share your opinion about a product with its related brand.

But, you might be thinking ‘Is Apex Focus Group Legit?’

Before you sign up for any website, you need to know the legibility of that platform, right?

In this detailed Review + Guide, you will learn exactly if this platform is right for you or not.

Apex focus Group Review + Guide

Let’s dive right in:

Quick Overview

Glassdoor Rating 2.8 Stars
Ways of Earning Focus Groups, Clinical Trials, and Paid Survey Panels
Earning Potential Up to $750 per week
Survey Topics Child Related, Entertainment, Automobiles, Food, and more
Method of Reward Depends on Research Firms
Qualification Should match the demography of a particular research agency
Requirements High school diploma, smartphone or desktop/laptop with a webcam, and internet connection
Similar Alternatives Swagbucks, Respondent, Mindswarms, and Branded Surveys

What is Apex Focus Group?

Apex Focus Group is a website that provides a platform for market research services. They have partnered with many high-paying research firms.

The website claims to provide you with an opportunity to earn as well.

Ranging from consumer goods to healthcare advancements, Apex Focus Group has market research groups for diverse categories.

You get to state your opinion to the researcher before a product launch or other campaigns.

Apex Focus Group claims to have plenty of research opportunities. You can join these research groups based on your demography, interest, and lifestyle.

Users can participate from all cities and states of the USA.

Apex Focus Group Facts:

  • Active Participants: 824
  • Market Research Opportunities: 1000+
  • Cost to Join: Free
  • Monthly Website Visitors:  2.2 Million

Is Apex Focus Group Legit?

Apex Focus Group is a legit platform to make money by contributing to market research. However, there are several issues that you might face while contributing your time to this platform.

This research website lets you apply for multiple market studies. Researchers will accept your application based on your demography and other details.

So, you might get rejected if you apply for a focus group study that doesn’t match your profile.

Also, there are certain duties that you need to complete to finish the study.

For instance, you need to complete the survey for each panel and use the related product or services provided to you.

Only when you’re able to accomplish these responsibilities, you’ll pass the study and get your reward.

Initially, you might find it hectic with fewer earning opportunities.

Who Can Join Apex Focus Group?

Apex Focus Group is specific about whom to select as a participant for market research studies.

The most basic requirement is that you need to be able to understand the oral and written instruction without any difficulties.

You don’t need to have any similar experiences to be a participant. About the educational requirement, you should be at least a high school graduate.

Besides, all the users need to have a working camera on the smartphone. You can also access using a webcam on your laptop or a desktop.

They also want you to have a reliable internet connection.

Finally, your desire to fully indulge in the research study is crucial. So, make sure you can devote your time and effort to the focus group before you join.

Currently, they need participants for these topics:

  • Cell phones
  • Food
  • Electronics
  • Child Related
  • Automobiles
  • Sports
  • Pets
  • Entertainment

How to Make Money From Apex Focus Group?

Apex Focus Group provides three different ways to make money out of its platform. Here are those methods explained in detail:

1. Focus Groups

Make Money through Focus Groups

The most common way of earning from this platform is through the focus groups of the research agencies. These researchers allow you to try a certain product or service and want to know your opinion.

Most of the time, they do this before launching a new product/service in the market. Your voice will be of great help for them to make changes to the product before they sell it to the public.

2. Clinical Trails

Apex FocusGroups Clinical Trails

Another way to make income from Apex Focus Group is through clinical research studies. This is done when research firms want to test their medicine before using it in hospitals and other medical institutes.

Comparatively, it pays more than the normal focus studies. But, it’s much more difficult to qualify for such experimental treatment. You need to meet certain medical requirements to take part in it.

3. Paid Survey Panels

Apex FocusGroups Paid Survey Panels

Finally, another method to get paid from this platform is via their survey panels. Here, you get access to survey questions regarding the product of a particular brand that you normally use.

Your feedback might help them improve the product and perform better in the market. The research agencies might even provide a product that hasn’t been launched yet to try out.

How Does Apex Focus Group Work?

Let’s learn how to sign up and start our journey of conducting market research in Apex Study Group. Here is a step-by-step guide to begin your journey on this platform:

Step 1: Go to the homepage of this market research provider. Here, click on the “Join a Focus Group” button that you’ll see on the right-hand side of the menu bar.

Is Apex Focus Group Legit

Step 2: The button takes you to the description of the application. Here, you can read the detail of the research study. Please click on “Apply Now” after going through the entire document.

Apex Focus Study Apply Now

Step 3: This action brings up a drop-down pop-up window with a registration form. You have to provide your details to fill it up.

Apex Focus Study Registration

This questionnaire is quite long so please scroll down to access all the questions. Now, please click on the “Submit Registration Profile” after filling up the form.

Apex Focus Study Registration

Step 4: The registration is complete at this stage and you’ll receive an email in your inbox. There should be a link in the email that provides access to your first research study. Click on it and you’ll see the description of the research.

Is Apex Focus Legit? Research study.

Step 5: Read the description and the criteria mentioned at the bottom of the page. Then, click on “Go Here to Apply”.

Apex Focus Study Research

The action will redirect you to a third-party website of the research agency. From this point, you have to follow the instruction provided on the researcher’s site.

How is The Earning Opportunity From Apex Focus Group?

The chances of earning from this platform depend on factors decided by the research firms. Since Apex Focus Group doesn’t conduct surveys on its own, the researchers will decide who gets to take part in the studies.

So, if you qualify for a large number of focus groups and surveys then your earning can be much higher.

Apex Focus Group claims that the participants can earn up to $750 per week.

On the description page of the focus group, they mentioned that for every one-hour session, you can make from $35 to $75.

Similarly, for the multi-session studies, the researchers can even pay you from $350 to $750.

I can’t guarantee that you can make such a significant amount right after signing up. You might earn a higher income or merely a couple of bucks depending on how many studies you get selected for.

How Does Apex Focus Group Pay?

Since Apex Focus Group doesn’t conduct its research, they are not the one to process the payment. The research agencies will pay you directly if you got selected for their studies.

Additionally, the researchers will determine the minimum payout and the schedule for sending the payment.

So, I suggest you read the description of the research on the agency’s website before signing up for the study.

Pros and Cons

Apex Focus Group might be an awesome platform to participate in research studies. But, it has some limitations that you need to know.


  • Partnered with 1000+ research agencies
  • Targeted focus groups based on demography
  • Diverse money-making methods


  • Not-so-easy to qualify for the research studies
  • The personal detail is shared with a third-party website, so the chances of data leak remain
  • Low earning opportunity

Apex Focus Group Review: Users’ Feedback

I believe Apex Focus Group can be helpful for market research and earning money by participating in focus groups. But, the platform needs several improvements.

Currently, you can make money only if you pass the qualification from the research agencies. So, they need to partner with brands from different parts of the world.

This way, users can take part in many research studies and increase their earnings.

If you search for users’ reviews of Apex Focus Group online, you’ll see a mix of positive and negative reviews. Users have provided only 2.8 stars on Glassdoor.

Why are users not giving this platform higher ratings? Let’s take a look at some of the reviews to find out.

Apex Focus Group Positive Review

Apex Focus Group Positive Review

The above screenshots illustrate the good experience users are having with Apex Focus Group. But, in both reviews, they mentioned that it’s not so easy to be selected for their research studies.

Now let’s look at the negative reviews.

Apex Focus Group Negative Review

Apex Focus Group Negative Review

As you can see, these users are having negative experiences with the research agencies. They are either getting tons of spam emails or not receiving enough money from the researchers.

So, I suggest that Apex Focus Group needs to partner with reliable market research firms so their users won’t get scammed.

Meanwhile, as a user, you need to search for the research studies by analyzing their website separately.

What Are The Alternatives of Apex Focus Group?

After reading the review of this platform, you may or may not want to sign up on its website. I agree that there is a chance of getting scammed, not by Apex Focus Group, but by third-party researchers.

So, if you wish to go with a different platform similar to Apex Focus Group then here are some of the alternatives.

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a platform that allows users to earn gift cards and cash for different online activities. For instance, you can participate in surveys or polls, try sample products, play games, or do other activities.

2. Mindswarms

Mindswarms is another market research site that pays you for participating in surveys and video interviews. They have a user base of thousands of participants from 79 countries.

Also, they have partnered with top brands, such as Nike, Google, Verizon, and so on.

3. Respondent

Respondent provides a platform for market researchers and participants to interact. They have partnered with IBM, Microsoft, Dropbox, and other top brands that are searching for the right audience for their studies.

You can make money by sharing your thoughtful insight with these leading companies.

4. Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys also let you answer surveys from some of the leading research firms. They match your profile with some of the surveys.

Upon completing each questionnaire, you can earn a reward via PayPal, Amazon gift card, and other methods.


Q. Does Apex Focus Group Have a Mobile App?

Answer: No. Currently, Apex Focus Group is available only as a website. But, since its website is mobile-friendly, you can easily access the market study platform on your smartphone.

Q. What is The Purpose of Focus Groups?

Answer: Research agencies conduct focus groups so that they can get direct opinions from their audience about a certain product/service. They’ll use this information to make changes to their existing goods or innovate an entirely new product to meet the users’ needs.

For users, it’s a great way to state your opinion to a brand regarding their products.

Q. Is Apex Focus Group Safe?

Answer: Yes. Apex Focus Group is safe and doesn’t leak your personal information. But, since they have to share your details with research agencies, they may or may not have such a secure data safety policy.

That is why, you need to check the privacy policy on each researcher’s website before you apply for their market study.

Q. Where is Apex Focus Group Located?

Answer: The Apex Focus Group’s headquarters is situated in Marietta, Georgia, USA.

Final Verdict!

Apex Focus Group has quite a lot of options for you to take part in market studies. But, your chances of making money from this platform might be lesser. Also, there is a chance of getting scammed by third-party researchers.

So, I suggest you check the details of the study from the researcher’s website.

While Apex Focus Group is a legit platform, its partner research agencies might use your data to send spam emails.

Also, the chances of getting selected for a particular market study are slim. Thus, you’ll need to spend more time and effort on this platform to make significant money.

Please mention in the comment section what you think of Apex Focus Group after reading this review.

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