How I made $10,250 by Selling Sites on Flippa? (Case Study)

Blogging is one of my main sources of income, and I have been doing it since 2016. During these years, I’ve launched countless blogs.

Some of them were successful, whereas most of them were failures.

But thanks to blogging, I was able to cover my expenses while living in a third-world country since the beginning of my career.

However, being the only person managing multiple blogs, I was never able to scale this business. I was making $200 to $300 monthly (more or less) with my successful blogs.

Primarily, I use display ads to monetize the blogs.

This is still a good income, but it was not quite enough to scale the blog and make more money. Luckily, I stumbled upon the idea of selling blogs on online marketplaces like Flippa.

The cool thing about selling a blog or a website is that you can get 20-60 times what your blog is currently earning on a 6-12 month average.

This means:

You will receive all the money that your blog will make in the next couple of years at once. And this is exactly what I needed.

So, I started building sites from scratch and selling them on Flippa.

And I’ve made a total of $10,000+ in sales on Flippa.

Flippa Sales

Overall, I’ve made over $15,000 selling sites.

In this article, I will share how many sites I’ve sold, how much I made, and all the other important details about selling or flipping websites.

So, let’s get started:

What is Flippa and How Does it Work?

Flippa is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell digital assets like blogs, domains, Saas Products, Apps, and so on.

If you have a digital asset that has some value or if it is generating some revenue, then you can list the asset on Flippa, and you will receive offers from buyers on Flippa.

Flippa charges a fee of around $29 to $49 for listing and once the sale is completed it also charges a 10% of total sales value as a success fee.

You can use Escrow or PayPal to receive the payment. Using Escrow is safer, but you will have to pay a Disbursement Fee of $20.

If you are planning to sell your website on Flippa, then you can click here to get your website valuation.

Now that we know what Flippa is and how it works, let me share my Flippa sales report:

Website #1 – $2,500

I registered the domain for this site in May 2017 using Namecheap, and started working on it immediately.

The blog was making $140 per month on Ezoic in October 2020.

I was super focused on growing the blog to at least $1,000 per month, and I had written nearly 200 articles that year alone. But due to personal reasons, I decided to sell this blog.

In November 2020, I listed this blog for sale on Flippa, and it was sold less than 2 weeks later for $2,500. This was my first experience selling a blog on Flippa. And being able to sell it for $2,500 was amazing.

However, I kind of regret selling this blog now because I had worked hard on the blog all year, and it had started to grow drastically.

If I had kept this blog for 1 more year, it would have been worth way more than $2,500. But it is what it is!

Here’s a screenshot of my blog traffic and revenue by month in 2020:

Blog Stats

As you can see in the screenshot above, the blog’s traffic and revenue were growing rapidly since August.

And each month, the blog was making more and more money.

However, the value of a blog is evaluated using the average earnings made by the blog in the last 12 months.

And my monthly average revenue from this blog was just $40.

The buyer offered me $2,500, which was an offer I couldn’t refuse at that time.

Website #2 – $350

After closing the deal for my first website, I sold another blog on Flippa after a month. I sold the blog for $350 to the same buyer who purchased my first blog.

The blog was a small automated WordPress site that was making somewhere between $10 and $20 per month. I had not made any plans for the site, so I asked the buyer if he wanted to buy an automated site. The buyer quickly reviewed the site and really liked the blog.

So, we closed the deal for $350 on Flippa.

Website #3 – $1,650

After making my first sale, I started working on multiple money sites. The sole goal of these money sites was to rank on Google, make around $20 per month, and sell them on Flippa for profit.

I started with low-competition keyword research, then outsourced around 100 articles. The content was written by a small team of writers from my country, and I worked on the SEO of the blog.

Eight months later, the site was already making $23 per month. And I sold this blog for $1,650, which is around 70 times the average monthly revenue.

Website #4 – $3,600

This was my fourth successful website sale on Flippa, as well as the highest-valued sale. The niche of this blog was Internet Marketing and MMO guides.

The blog was really personal to me as I had been sharing my journey and experiences as an online marketer on that blog. After working on the blog for three years, I finally decided to sell it.

To be honest, I was really not sure about the future of this blog. And I just wanted to focus on other projects rather than working on this one.

With organic traffic of 20k to 25k per month, the site was making over $200 per month on Ezoic. In fact, the site generated $272 in August 2021 and $226 in September 2021.

The growth of the site in the last two months at the time of selling was exponential.

However, the average 12-month revenue of the blog was just $70, and I was able to sell the blog for 51.42 times the average monthly revenue (i.e. $3,600).

Website #5 – $1,000

I started this blog in August 2020 to experiment with viral social media traffic. And I was able to achieve 1.2 million social traffic within a few months on this blog.

I made around $1,000 with the viral traffic. However, social traffic is not always consistent, and after a week or two, the traffic dropped back to 0.

Luckily, the blog had received a few backlinks from authority sites, which helped the blog to receive a good amount of organic traffic.

Then, I added around 200 to 300 pieces of automated content to that blog. A few months later, the blog was generating over $20 per month.

I sold the blog to the same buyer who bought my Website #4.

Website #6 – $1,500

I started this blog in 2021 and sold it 8 months later for $1,500.

Initially, I was planning to sell it for $1,000 to the buyer of Website #4. And I created a listing with a BIN (Buy it Now) price of $1,000.

However, I received an offer of $1,500 from another buyer. I talked to the old buyer about the new offer, and he happily told me to accept the new offer.

So, I accepted the offer of the new buyer. The offer was really good as the blog was making just $10 per month.

On top of that, the new buyer gave me a contract for adding content worth $800.

So, overall, I made around $2,000+ with this deal.

Website #7 – $1,700

Website #7 was a 6-month-old blog making an average of $6. However, the site was experiencing growth in organic traffic and generating close to $20 per month in the last 30 days.

Though the blog was not even 1 year old, it had emerged from Google’s sandbox, and scaling content on the site was almost 100% profitable.

And I believe that was the reason behind the buyer’s interest in this blog.

The content on the blog was handled by my team, and I spent a good number of hours optimizing the content.

And it was a really profitable deal for me.

Website #8 – $800

I recently sold this blog, which was in the gardening niche. The blog had roughly 20 articles with an organic click-through rate of around 10 to 20 clicks per day.

Due to the low number of visitors on the site, I was making a few cents here and there on Ezoic.

I also added Amazon affiliate links to one of the top-ranking pages, which made $5 a week.

As you can see, the blog is really small and hardly making any money.

However, the blog was 1.8 years old, which I think helped sell it for $800.

I had lost interest in working in this niche, so as a result, I abandoned this site.

So, I’m happy that I was able to sell this blog for $800.


Growing a blog from scratch and then selling the websites on Flippa for a quick profit has been a lucrative business model for me.

It allowed me to monetize my blogs beyond their monthly earnings, providing a lump sum that I could reinvest in new ventures and scale my online business.

If your blog is making $100 or less per month through their blogs, then you can easily sell the blog on Flippa for $2000 to  $4000.

Then, you can reinvest the money into growing and scaling a new blog.

If you are interested to make money selling sites, then Flippa is the #1 recommended platform.

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