Dropping Ball App Review 2024: Is It Legit or a Scam? Easy $100? (Don’t Miss)

The advertisement of the Dropping Ball app promises that you can earn hundreds of dollars, as well as win iPhones and Gift cards.

And all you have to do is Download and play their game.

But is that really true?

Is Dropping Ball legit and Can I win real money from the app?

I know, these are the questions you have on your mind right now.

And in this Dropping Ball review, I am sharing exactly if it’s legit or a scam along with all the details about this app.

You have to read the full review to find the Shocking Truth about this app.

So, Let’s dive right in:

Quick Overview

App Name Dropping Ball
Publisher Len Fox Game
Platform Android
Available Worldwide
Payout Options PayPal, Amazon Gift card
Min. payout $100
Download Playstore

What is the Dropping Ball App?

Dropping Ball is one of the many play-to-win games available on the Google Play Store. The game claims you can earn hundreds of dollars by playing this game.

Dropping Ball AppThe game is simple, all you have to do is drop balls into 9 different slots and you will earn money every time the ball drops into the slots.

Well, at least the game says so!

The app is developed by Len Fox Game and it is available for Android devices only.

Is Dropping Ball legit?

Dropping Ball is NOT a legit app to earn money. Many of its users have poorly reviewed this app on Playstore saying that they were unable to meet the minimum cashout threshold of $100.

Dropping Ball Review

The app is like funny play and the main business goal of these apps is to make people watch ads so the people behind the app can make money.

I will share a more in-depth review and tell you whether you should join it or not, later in this article.

But first, it’s important to learn how it works:

How to get started?

Go to the Playstore and search for ‘Dropping Ball’. Then, download and open the game. You can start playing the game right away as it doesn’t ask you to sign up for an account.

How to Play Dropping Ball Game?

Once you open the game, you will get instructions to play the game.

Dropping ball App Instructions

Basically, all you have to do is drop the balls down the 10 rows of pegs in a way that they fall into the 9 slots as shown in the image above.

You also have to dodge an obstacle that prevents the ball to fall into the slots.

Each slot has a bulb that turns on when the ball falls into it.

There are 2 kinds of balls.

The first one is green balls which pay you $0.003 when it falls into a slot. And the next one is golden balls that give you 5 gold coins when it falls into a slot.

To help the players, the game provides two options:

  • Clear– It clears the obstacles for 60 seconds
  • Light– You can light 1 bulb using this.

To start the game, you will receive 50 green balls for free.

Once you spend the balls, then you have 3 options to get more balls.

Option #1 – Watch a video ad and get 50 golden balls

Option #2 – Wait 200 seconds and get 1 golden ball

Option #3 – Buy 50 golden balls for $2 using your account balance.

Either way, you have to collect the balls to continue playing the game.

Additionally, If you drop the balls into all of the 9 slots and light it up then the lucky wheel at the top spins and you will get random rewards.

The rewards are as follows:

  • 777 – Give you a lot of green balls. (Previously, this would give you 777 USD via PayPal. But now, it would give you only green balls)
  • 7 – Similar to 777, it gives you a lot of green balls
  • 100 Golden balls
  • 25 Golden balls
  • 25 green balls
  • 50 golden balls
  • Mystery box – Easter eggs and Amazon gift card.
  • Crying Emoji Icon – Nothing but you can watch ads to spin the wheel again.

And here are the chances of winning each of these rewards:

Dropping Balls Reward

If you win the balls, then the game itself drops all the balls at once. And I think the game is built in a way that users have a lot of chances of winning the balls from the lucky spin when they have just started playing.

And when the game drops all the balls at once, then you get more lucky spins and more money.

So, it’s easier to earn a lot of money at the beginning.

How to get paid?

I am really surprised to find out that Dropping Balls doesn’t have any option where it shows how to cash out the money you have earned.

Before, you had to click on the cash or token balance to check the requirements to cash out.

But now, If I click on it, nothing happens!

This means, the app currently doesn’t have any option to cash out.

But here are the details I’ve found regarding the requirements to cashout:

  • 2,000,000 tokens – $100 (Paypal)
  • 100 virtual cash – $100 (PayPal)
  • 777 – Win $777 (Paypal)
  • 100 virtual Amazon cards – $100 Amazon Gift card
  • 20 Eggs – Win $1000 (PayPal)

Dropping Ball Review

Dropping the ball is just a waste of time if are using this app to win real money. The developers use clickbaity advertisements to lure users to download the app by selling them the dreams of winning hundreds of dollars, gift cards, and iPhones.

But in reality, you cannot win anything even after playing the games for months.

Though the app credits some money when you drop the ball into the slots, you cannot possibly reach the cashout amount of $100. In fact, many users report that they stopped winning money once they earn over $90.

The app is programmed in a way that the users win money quickly at first and they become motivated to keep playing the game in the process, the developers of the app are the one who makes money by making the users watch the ads.

Without watching the ads, the players cannot get more balls to play.

So, the game will force them to watch ads and once the player is about to reach the minimum cashout amount, the game slows down the process of winning.

So, I do not recommend this app if you want to make real money. The game is fun to play and it should be used only to have fun.

Final Thoughts

Dropping Ball is really addictive and fun game. While testing the app for this review, I was really enjoying playing it. But the part where the app makes you think you can win real money playing it makes the app look really suspicious.

There are a lot of complaints about this app on the app marketplace and many users have the same complaint that they find it really hard to reach the minimin cashout threshold when they reach near to it.

This kind of game operates on a business model that forces people to watch ads by offering them easy-wining opportunities.

However, as the users approach the minimum cashout threshold, the app starts to work against their interests.

Maybe they’ve paid some users to make them believe that they are legit but I am really suspicious that they have been paying to all their users.

If you are expecting to make real money from this app, then I DO NOT recommend this app at all.

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