Cash Quizz Rewards App Review 2024: Is it Legit or Scam?

As there are many online platforms to earn money, one of the more fascinating is Cash Quizz Rewards App that pays you for answering trivia. In this Cash Quizz Rewards App Review you will find out if you can earn money from the application or not.

Cash Quizz Rewards App Review

Furthermore, you will also get to know how to join the application, how to earn from them, and how to withdraw your payments.

So let’s get into it with the question that everyone wants to know.

Is Cash Quizz Rewards App Legit?

Yes, the fact is Cash Quizz App is quite legit and it surely pays. You have to take part in the trivia quiz competition where you have to answer correct questions and earn money.

Sounds easy right?

Well not quite as there are many negative reviews of the application that claims they have not been paid and some have given positive reviews that the app is legit. Moreover, some of the reviews are that the app actually pays but does not pay the full amount earned.

So what is the truth?

We will get into it all and provide you best description of how Cash Quizz App Rewards work.

Let’s start with the general introduction of the Cash Quizz Rewards App.

What is Cash Quizz Rewards App?

Cash Quizz Rewards App is a very entertaining mobile game where you have to answer correct trivia questions to earn some easy money.

The application claims to pay via gift cards and vouchers when the players take part in the quiz and answer all the correct general knowledge questions.

If you don’t like quizzes then there are other fun games to play as well and make some small amount of earnings but you will not be paid as much as you like on these games.

Another way of making money from this Cash Quizz Rewards App is by referring them to your friends as well.

We will talk about how you can make money from Cash Quizz Rewards App in the sections below so keep engaging with the article.

Now let’s take a look at how to join the application and start your earning.

How to Join Cash Quizz Rewards App?

First, let’s get it straight, Cash Quizz is an international application which means anyone from any part of the world can join the Cash Quizz application and take part in quizzes.

There is no limitation on age while joining this application so you do not have to be over 18 years old to join them. There are three ways to join the Cash Quizz application which are either via Gmail, Email, or your Facebook account.

When you click the sign-up button you will be asked permission to access your location, media, and sometimes even contacts of your phone which you should not agree to as it is not necessary for launching the application.

After verifying your identity now you will access the dashboard of your mobile and are now all set to start answering quizzes and start earning.

How do Cash Quizz App Rewards Work?

If you are familiar with the concept of the show “Who Wants to be a Millionaire then you pretty much know how Cash Quizz App works.

Basically, you have to join a trivia quiz and take part in the competition. You must have some decent general knowledge about the stuff happening around the world so that you can answer questions and earn money.

When you win this competition you will earn coins which are the currency of this particular app that can be redeemed in the form of amazon or steam vouchers.

Now participating in the quizzes is not the only way to make money on Cash Quizz App so let’s take a look.

How To Make Money on Cash Quizz App?

Cash Quizz provides a couple of ways to make money on the application so let’s get into it.

Watch Ads

One of the unorthodox ways to make money from the Cash Quizz App is to watch videos that refer to as a Booster. This is a free way of making money on the application however the amount you receive is quite low in comparison to other methods.


This is the primary way of earning money in the Cash Quizz App as you have to participate in tournaments or competitions.

Cash Quizz Rewards App Review Trivia

There are twelve questions and four questions are divided into the difficulty they are in for example four questions for the easy round, four for the medium round, and four for the hard question round.

For each question, a separate timer is placed between twenty to thirty seconds and you have to choose your answer within those time limits. You will earn points for every right answer and you will be selected among the top 100 players which will enable you to win prizes or coins.


Another way to earn from Cash Quizz App is you can participate in various challenges mainly betting challenges where you have to bet the coins you have earned to earn the double amount that you have betted.

You can either challenge a random player or someone on your friend list. After challenging someone you have to pick a bet or number of coins you have to put on a line.

Once your competitor accepts the challenge you will now have to start answering questions. The challenge can take place at different times but within 24 hours.

If you win the challenge you will receive double the amount that you have first better with.

Hence these are the method of earning money on the Cash Quizz Rewards App. The basic way is just answering trivia questions either by winning competitions, or challenges.

How does Cash Quizz Reward App Pay?

As mentioned above when you start answering correctly in the Cash Quizz App you will receive coins which are the currency of this application.

Cash Quizz Rewards App Review Payment

The value of a coin is stated to be 10,000 coins is equal to $10 which is also the minimum payout threshold of the application.

There are only two payment methods in the application and they are via Amazon gift card and Steam gift card.

So one of the negative aspects of the application is that you will not receive cash in the bank or Paypal and just some gift cards which may not attract everyone.

Pros and Cons of the Cash Quizz Rewards App


  • It’s very easy and simple to join Cash Quizz Rewards App.
  • You just have to answer the correct questions to earn.
  • The application is quite fun and filled with knowledge.
  • Customer support is quite amazing in Cash Quizz App.


  • You cannot earn any cash in Cash Quizz App.
  • The earning potential is very low.
  • Sometimes the app is quite glitchy and comments contain lots of spam.

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Conclusion: Cash Quizz Rewards App Review

After the detailed Cash Quizz Rewards App Review we can clearly state that the application is actually legit and it does pay but they are not worth even trying for side hustle income.

You have to be knowledgeable in trivia questions and you will only earn if you come first in the tournaments or challenges.

So it is advisable to look for other opportunities but if you want to give Cash Quizz Rewards App a try then you can join them easily and you will receive payments as they are not a scam.

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