Bingo Cash Review 2024: Is Bingo Cash Legit? (Don’t Miss)

Do you enjoy playing online bingo? It’s a great way of passing your time when you’re bored. But, what if I told you that you can receive cash prizes by winning bingo tournaments?

Yes, you read it correctly! There’s an app called Bingo Cash that claims to pay you real money if you win in their cash-prize tournaments.

But, how authentic is the app? Should you trust it and is there any money involved before you enter the competition?

If these questions came to your mind then this article is for you. I’ve analyzed and written a detailed Bingo Cash review that’ll help you understand the app before you download it.

Quick Overview

App Store Rating 4.7 Stars (92K reviews)
Way of Earning Winning Cash Tournaments
Rewards Gems and Cash Prizes
Method of Payment PayPal
Availability US, UK, AU, CA
Age Limit 17+
Entry Fee Starts from $1 for cash tournaments
Withdraw Threshold 5 USD for PayPal
Similar Alternatives Rewarded Play, Blackout Bingo, Bingo Clash

What is Bingo Cash?

Bingo Cash is a mobile app that pays you real money by participating in gaming tournaments. You get to enjoy special challenges and surprises on this platform while receiving daily gifts, bonuses, and more.

Bingo Cash Homepage

This skill-based bingo game app lets you practice unlimited free games before entering into competition with other users. Some of its popular games are Bash, Holiday, Blackout, Tycoon, and Showdown.

Bingo Cash has a vibrant design and easy gameplay. Also, there are no distracting ads in the app. So, you’ll have a smooth gaming experience and will want to come back every time you get bored.

Who Owns The Bingo Cash App?

Papaya Gaming is the owner of Bingo Cash. Situated in Isreal, this gaming corporation believes in rewarding users with skill-based competitions and more. They host more than 15 million tournaments every day.

They also own other similar gaming apps such as Bubble Cash, 21 Cash, and Solitaire Cash. You can make real money from these games as well. Their games have more than 21 million downloads in total.

Bingo Cash App Facts:

  • App Store Review: 4.7 stars
  • Game Types: Single-Player and Multi-Player
  • Audience: Adults aged 17+
  • Language: English

Is Bingo Cash Legit?

If you’re worried about whether Bingo Cash is legit or not then I’ve good news. This app is legit and ranks number 4 among Casino category games in the App Store.

With each game in this app having diverse rules and gameplay, you won’t get bored easily. You can also take part in high-paying games that have higher rewards. It even lets you invite your friends to this app with which you can win bonus cash.

This game might be worth investing your time in depending on your bingo-related skills. But, you can lose your money if you don’t win any game so you need to remember that before getting addicted to it.

How is Bingo Cash App Privacy?

Papaya Gaming, owners of Bingo Cash, will have access to your details after you register in this app. Some of them might include location, contact info, usage data, and other information.

In their privacy policy, they’ve mentioned that they may share these details with affiliated companies, third-party advertisers, service providers, and more. They can also use your data to provide you with promotional materials.

I suggest you read the entire policy before signing up on this platform.

How Does Bingo Cash Work?

Are you familiar with the classic bingo game that involves a physical scorecard? In that game, the scorecard has 25 squares. And, every time you mark 5 squares in a row you win that round.

Well, this online Bingo Cash has gameplay similar to the classic one. The difference is that it involves a complex scoring system with the addition of boosters. Also, the central square box remains free in all games.

You can play unlimited free games in this app to practice before entering the competition. But, if you seek to earn cash prizes, you’ll need to pay the entry fee that starts from $1. It can also go much higher than that.

In the game, the app will display the same bingo card to all the users. Each round takes around 2 minutes to complete. Every player in that round will hear the same number.

You need to tap the right number after you hear it which will reward you some points. But, you can also receive a penalty for tapping the wrong one.

If you can get three high scores then you’ll be the winner of that round of bingo. Depending on the match type, you’ll receive either the real cash reward or gems.

How Does Bingo Cash Calculate The Score?

After you complete a game of Bingo in the app, you’ll receive the final score. It will include multiple components that’ll decide whether you won the game or not. Let’s have a look at them:

1. Daubs: You’ll get a higher Daubs score if you tap the correct number faster.

2. Bingos: The app rewards you with this score for each bingo you complete. It might be horizontal, vertical, four corners or even diagonal.

3. Multi Bingos: If you get multiple bingos at once, you’ll get this score.

4. Double Score: You’ll get this bonus score if you activate the Double Score booster.

5. Penalties: This score is a negative one and you’ll get this if you tap the wrong number in the game.

If you get to tap the number faster and receive more Daubs scores, the app will reward you with some boosters. These boosters directly contribute to earning more scores. These boosters are:

1. Wild Daub: You get to daub any square of your choice in the game.

2. Pick-A-Ball: You can choose which ball to call next if you win this booster.

3. Double-Score: For the next second, you can earn double the score that you win.

4. Bonus Time: This booster will reward you with 10 additional seconds of gameplay.

Who Can Use Bingo Cash App?

You can access the Bingo Cash app from the United States and a few other countries. However, in the US, you can’t take part in cash prize tournaments from these states:

  • Arizona
  • South Carolina
  • Iowa
  • Lousiana

Also, you need to be more than 17 years old to play its games. Papaya Gaming doesn’t allow anyone under 18 to take part in competitions that reward with a cash prize.

The app claims on the website that it supports IOS and Android. But, you can’t access it from the Google Play Store for Android devices. So, I guess they’re available only on Apple devices for now.

Bingo Cash App Store

How to Get Started With Bingo Cash?

Now, let’s learn how to start playing the games in the Bingo Cash app. Here is a step-by-step guide that you can follow to get started:

Step 1: Visit the Play Store on the IOS device and insert the keyword ‘bingo cash’ on the search bar. When you see the result with the publisher’s name as Papaya Gaming, install that app.

Step 2: Open the app after the installation is complete. It’ll allow you to create a username or generate a random name. Also, you can choose your avatar. Click Next after that.

Step 3: Now, the app provides a tutorial to help you play the game with ease. Here, you’ll learn about daubs, boosters, and other components of scoring. You’ll win gems if you win in these free tutorial games.

Step 4: After learning the tutorials, you can start the cash tournaments. In the app, you’ll see several different competitions to participate in. The entry fee and number of players are given on the window.

Once you select the tournament you want to participate in, click on the Play button.

Step 5: In the cash tournament, the app will match you with other players with similar skill levels. After paying the entry fee, you can start the game and collect the points.

If you win the match and earn some dollars, you can withdraw it using PayPal. Also, you need to register your account in the app before requesting a withdrawal.

How Much Can You Earn From Bingo Cash?

Although Bingo Cash provides you with the opportunity to earn money, it’s not guaranteed to earn from each game you play. You’ll only be able to receive cash if you finish the game as one of the winners in a particular round.

Bingo Cash usually pays only the top three rankers in the tournaments. So, if you’re within the first, second, or third rank, you can make real money. Else, you’ll only spend the entry fee (at least $1) without receiving the prize.

Some of the games have a high reward and can provide you with more than $20 in one tournament. But, the entry fee is much higher for those games.

Thus, your opportunity to make enough money from this app is limited. You’ll have to play multiple games to rank among the top three winners. While doing that, you’ll spend plenty of money on your own.

The app also rewards you with gems if you play and win its free practice games. But, you have to spend a significant amount of hours in those games to win enough gems.

After you win and accumulate money from this bingo app, you can cash out using your PayPal account. The minimum threshold amount that you need to withdraw is $5. They take about two weeks to process the withdrawal and also charge $1 for it.

Pros and Cons

I’m sure that you have a good idea of all the good and bad aspects of this app. So, it’s time to point out the pros and cons of it.


  • No registration is required to play
  • Unlimited free games for practice
  • Contains no ads to distract your gameplay
  • Provides boosters to increase your final score


  • Takes about two weeks for cash withdrawal
  • Pays only when you rank among the top 3 in a competition
  • Chance of losing your own money if you don’t win at any round
  • Charges $1 to cash out your earning

Bingo Cash Review

Overall, I recommend you to play this game only if you’re confident about your bingo-related skills. Else, you may lose plenty of your own money instead of winning any cash rewards.

Please don’t pay the entry fee before you get properly acquainted with the regulations of the gameplay. Also, you need to avoid getting addicted to the game with the hope of winning more rewards.

Its privacy policy has mentioned that it can share your details with third-party sites. So, I suggest you register for this app only if you’re happy with sharing your personal information with advertisers.

Bingo Cash App Users’ Opinion

How are users reacting to the Bingo Cash app? I’ve analyzed their review in Apple Store to find the answer. The app has received an average score of 4.7 stars out of 5 from around 92,000 IOS users.

Here are some of the positive reviews:

Bingo Cash Positive Review

Bingo Cash Positive Review

Similarly, some users didn’t like the app and gave negative reviews about it. Let’s see in the screenshots below what the bad reviews are about:

Bingo Cash Negative Review

Bingo Cash Review Negative


Q. Is Bingo Cash App Worth It?

Answer: The app is worth your time, money, and effort only if you’re confident about the game rules and won’t get addicted to it.

Q. What Are The Alternatives to the Bingo Cash App?

Answer: Some of the other apps to make money while playing bingo are Blackout Bingo, Golden Hearts Bingo, and Bingo Clash.

Q. Does Bingo Cash Rewards in Gift Cards?

Answer: No. Bingo Cash only lets you cash out using PayPal. You cannot redeem the points as gift cards.

Final Verdict

Lastly, you can download this app and play free practice games to get rid of your boredom. But, I highly recommend you go for the cash prize only after you get familiar with the gameplay.

Also, if you feel like you’re losing more money than getting cash rewards, you need to stop playing at that point. It can get addictive at a certain point and you may lose your money instead of getting cash rewards.

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